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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (May 6, 2020): Snake!

AEW Dynamite (May 6, 2020) was back live. The show from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL featured Jake “The Snake” Roberts living up to his nickname, a new challenger emerging for Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship, and a supremely wild street fight between Le Sex Gods and Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent live results and play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Due to pesky internet issues, this week’s recap and reactions will be express style. Let’s run it down from beginning to end.

Cody Rhodes defeated Joey Janela. Cody was looking for a warm-up, or rather to stay warm for his upcoming TNT Championship final against Lance Archer at Double or Nothing on May 23. Janela fought hard in his cheetah pants. He escaped Cross Rhodes on more than one occasion and even hit his signature flying elbow drop. Cody had the move of the match though with a moonsault off the stage.

For the finish, the two were exchanging strikes in the center of the ring when Cody snatched Janela’s head for a Cross Rhodes to win.

That was an exciting bout. Much better than I was anticipating. I’m not on the Janela train, but that was probably Janela’s best match that I’ve seen from him. I actually believed he was in the game. Cody once again displayed his wrestling aptitude to adapt and hit Cross Rhodes out of nowhere. I’d say Cody is ready for Archer.

Nyla Rose defeated Kenzie Paige. Prior to the bout, a women’s division highlight package played. Tony Schiavone interviewed the champ. Nyla was agitated and declared she will always be the most dominant in AEW. Paige was an 18-yeard old making her debut. The Native Beast squashed the newcomer with three powerbombs to win.

Impressive showing from Nyla in her return to the ring. Her violence was vicious. I enjoyed all the other women ringside hating on the champ with nasty looks. Whoever emerges to challenge Nyla is in for a rough night.

MJF’s throne. MJF cut a promo about wrestlers being insecure over his prodigious skills. When MJF comes back, his throne will be waiting. Dudes in the back illustrated that point by replacing his chair with a throne.

Another great segment from MJF. He is always entertaining but oozes enough sleaze to make him a dastardly heel. Not many wrestlers can achieve that in this day and age.

Shawn Spears still hates Cody. Spears criticized Cody for how the match ended between Dustin Rhodes and Lance Archer. Cody could have prevented the extra damage to Dustin by throwing in the towel, but he didn’t.

Later, MJF congratulated Spears for calling out the American Psychopath. Tony Schiavone informed MJF that he will have a match against Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing.

I’m not sure what the goal was for Spears’ speech. Is it going to set up another match against Cody before the PPV? If not, then what’s the deal? I was entertaining to fill time, but I’m not connecting the dots on its purpose.

Jon Moxley defeated Frankie Kazarian. This was a non-title bout. They grinded on each other, but Moxley got the better with his physicality advantage. For the finish, Mox dodged Kaz in the corner then blasted him with a Paradigm Shift to win.

That was a cool match for something that was thrown together. Kaz has the classic skills to play Moxley’s game. Kaz also has the high-flying skills to add excitement to the mix. I’m interested in seeing them rematch anytime down the line.

Dark Order attacks. 7-on-1 ambush to Moxley from the creepers. SCU tried to make the save, but they were pummeled. Mr. Brodie Lee entered the ring for a discus clothesline to Mox. Mr. Brodie was there to collect the bounty Mox placed on his own head. Lee is not the same person Moxley has known in the past. Mr. Brodie demanded an answer. Moxley replied, “Dude, all you had to do was ask.” Lee then kicked Mox in the face. More creeper punishment followed. Mr. Brodie left with the AEW World Championship in his possession. Mox and Lee will clash at Double or Nothing.

That sure was exciting. It was unexpected and revved up the new story to 10 in a matter of minutes. Moxley is short on big-name challengers for Double or Nothing, so Mr. Brodie fits the bill nicely. It should give Lee a chance to compete at his highest potential. Plus, it will be amusing to see Moxley destroy the creepers over the next few weeks.

Keep Brandi’s name out of your mouth. Brandi Rhodes addressed Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ references to her over the weeks. She has studied Roberts. She’s guessing he’ll try to corner her, maybe even slap her in the face. If he does that, she will hit back. Brandi’s message basically boiled down to don’t f—k with her.

That would have been fire from Brandi if addressed to someone else. However, let’s be real when it pertains to Roberts and Archer. Brandi isn’t going to do a damn thing if they decide to get physical with her. On second thought, she could probably beat up Roberts if she speared his old man knees. This is just calling for Brandi to leave on a stretcher at some point.

Lance Archer defeated QT Marshall. Both Brandi and Roberts were ringside. Archer dismantled QT with slams, suplexes, and strikes. QT had a minor flurry, but he met his demise via Blackout then the Claw smashing his head into the mat.

Side note: Britt Baker hit QT with her shoe. Brandi took Britt’s shoe then threw it far away. That’s a match I didn’t know I wanted until now.

Snake! After the match, Baker attacked Brandi with a DDT on the floor. Roberts pulled out his snake to drape over Brandi.

That was awesome. I can’t wait to see the repercussions of Roberts placing his snake on Brandi, especially after Brandi’s tough talk. I was already interested in this storyline, but my anticipation to see what comes next just shot through the roof. Excellent storytelling so far.

Darby Allin is sad. Taz interviewed Allin about his loss to Cody last week. Taz offered to take Allin under his wing for tutelage. Allin left without speaking.

Allin and Taz would be a fantastic pairing. I never considered that before. I hope Allin takes Taz up on his assistance. Allin needs to evolve from emo loser of big matches. Taz could be the answer to take Allin to the next level. I could also see this scene becoming the first of a series of legends extending their hand to Allin. If he declines all help, then it would be a character killer for me. Allin would become stupidly stubborn at that point. I can’t root for that.

Le Sex Gods defeated Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy. The main event was a falls count anywhere street fight. Jake Hager was ringside. Santana & Ortiz would later appear to give Le Sex Gods the edge.

This match was wildly ridiculous. At one point, Damascus Hardy left to become Matt Hardy. Highlights include a splash from Hardy off a ladder through a table, Hardy getting locked in an ice cooler, Sammy Guevara slamming Omega’s head into an ATM then pocketing the cash that poured out, Omega powerbombing Sammy onto a steel curtain, Sammy being run over by a golf cart, and a moonsault from Omega off a cherry picker.

As mentioned, Santana & Ortiz came out of nowhere to turn the tide for Le Sex Gods. That led to a triple powerbomb to Hardy through a table. Omega was powerbombed onto the golf cart then ate a Judas Effect elbow strike from Chris Jericho. Le Champion pinned Omega to win.

My primary reaction is two words: bonkers, fun. There was so much happening that I strongly desire watching a replay as soon as possible. The Inner Circle posing with the football field in the background was a magnificent visual to close the evening.

I like that the Inner Circle was standing tall. They needed some momentum after recent high-profile losses (Hager to Moxley and Sammy to Darby). Because the match was so entertaining, Omega and Hardy didn’t lose any shine in defeat. Bring on Blood & Guts. That is going to be a blast.

Stud of the Show: Snake!

When Jake Roberts brought out the snake, I sat with mouth agape grinning like an idiot. It was so awesome to see the snake from Jake.

Dud of the Show: Darby Allin

I don’t know about you, but Taz is someone I would not pass up knowledge from. It looks like Allin is letting his pride and emotion get in the way of becoming a better wrestler. What a chump.

Grade: A+

I try to be stingy when handing out A+ grades so that it means something. The show was in solid A territory, then the main event pushed it over the top. The storyline developments and teases were exciting and often surprising. The in-ring action was engaging. The main event was a hoot. There’s not really anything I could have asked more for with this particular Dynamite.

Share your thoughts about this episode of Dynamite. How do you rate it? Did you lose your pants when Jake showed his snake? Are you excited for Moxley vs Mr. Brodie? What was your favorite moment from the main event?

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