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New Japan postpones Madison Square Garden show until 2021

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New Japan had high hopes for their international expansion this year. A return to New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden was one of the centerpieces of their plans. The company wanted to make their August 22 Wrestle Dynasty show in Manhattan an annual event, something on the level of their annual Wrestle Kingdom event in the Tokyo Dome every January.

Maybe they can get back to those plans next year. The company announced tonight (May 6) that due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are postponing Wrestle Dynasty at MSG until 2021.

No new date has been selected, but NJPW plans to continue the ticket pre-sale. You can register for tickets here; here’s no need to re-register if you’ve already signed up.

Earlier today, New Japan cancelled this year’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament in Japan. All events up through June 6 have been cancelled, with this August show re-scheduled.