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Karrion Kross’ entrance is friggin’ awesome

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Karrion Kross had his much anticipated NXT debut tonight. And it did not disappoint.

The match against Leon Ruff was a straight up squash. His entrance was longer. And that entrance was friggin’ awesome.

Smoke filled the stage as Scarlett (who unfortunately had the last name Bordeaux dropped) stood there. Then Kross walked out and Scarlett moved in front of him as they walked to the ring, Scarlett singing his intense music while she did so. It was all in black and white, which added to the atmosphere.

As mentioned above, the match was a squash, but it was put together in a way that made Kross feel very dangerous. He delivered some mean looking Doomsday Saito suplexes before looking in the Kross Jacket choke.

NXT has done a great job rolling out Karrion Kross and tonight was no different. This is some debut.

You can find all the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.