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Matt Hardy loses his debut match in AEW

Matt Hardy’s in-ring debut for AEW took place in the main event of Dynamite tonight (May 6). He teamed up with Kenny Omega for a street fight against Le Sex Gods, Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. If you like wacky fights with all kinds of plunder and creative spots, then this fight is right up your alley.

Early in the match, Jericho dispatched of Hardy near the entrance way. This left Omega temporarily vulnerable to a 2-on-1 attack from Le Sex Gods, which included an aluminum baseball bat.

But regular Matt Hardy returned to the ring, escalating things by adding a ladder to the mix. And Matt Hardy knows how to use ladders:

That’s when Jake Hager made is presence known. All five men fought into the concourse, where Matt Hardy was stuffed into an ice chest. Guevara got some money from an ATM machine in the middle of the melee. Jericho wore a traffic cone as a witch’s hat.

Damascus then emerged from the ice chest and clipped Jericho with a golf cart. Omega joined for the ride and they ran over Guevara, who sold it like a sex god.

Omega then ascended high up on a scissor lift, and moonsaulted off it to take out three men, including his partner. Holy crap!

Santana and Ortiz joined the fray and gave the Inner Circle an overwhelming numbers advantage of 5 vs. 2. Damascus Hardy was group powerbombed through a table. Omega was powerbombed on top of the golf cart. Jericho then planted Omega with the Judas Effect to put this one away in favor of Le Sex Gods.

Hardy lost his debut match, but it was a hell of a fun time.

What did you think of Dynamite’s main event, Cagesiders?

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