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New Japan cancels this year’s Best of the Super Juniors

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New Japan’s 27th Best of the Super Juniors tour was supposed to kick off next Tuesday (May 12) in Korakuen Hall and conclude on Sat., June 6 at Ota City General Gymnasium.

Instead, it joins the long list of wrestling events cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19.

The company announced the decision earlier today (May 6). As with their past statements on cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic, NJPW says they’ll continue to monitor the situation as they decide if or how to proceed with the next month’s worth of shows. They also again expressed a willingness to hold events in empty arena if staff & talent safety can be assured.

Here’s their latest, with a complete list of cancelled shows:

In response to the continuing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and in light of the extension of state of emergency measures across Japan, New Japan Pro-Wrestling has arrived at the decision to cancel all events on the Best of the Super Junior 27 tour that was scheduled between May 12 and June 6.

We deeply apologise to fans who were looking forward to these events. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the disease. As eager as everyone at New Japan Pro-Wrestling is to return to the ring as soon as possible, the health and safety of our fans, wrestlers and staff, as well as society at large is our utmost concern.

We will make announcements about events scheduled after June 6 upon careful monitoring of this developing situation. We will soon announce refund procedures for the affected events.

NJPW is continuing to explore the possibility of presenting matches without fans in attendance if staff and wrestler health and safety can be protected to the highest possible standard.

Meanwhile, programs like the NJPW Together Project will continue to see wrestlers and staff come together to bring the best possible content to fans while we eagerly await the opportunity to entertain live crowds once more.

The following events are covered by today’s cancellations:
Tuesday, May 12: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Wednesday, May 13: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Thursday, May 14: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Saturday, May 16: Yamagata Big Wing, Yamagata
Sunday, May 17: Morioka Takaya Arena, Iwate
Monday, May 18: Iwaki City Gymnasium, Fukushima
Tuesday, May 19: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi
Thursday, May 21: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Friday, May 22: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Saturday, May 23: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Sunday, May 24: Kamisu Bousai Arena, Ibaraki
Wednesday, May 27: Saku City General Gymnasium, Nagano
Thursday, May 28: Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall, Aichi
Friday, May 29: Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium Sub Arena
Saturday, May 30: Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium Sub Arena
Monday, June 1: Item Ehime
Tuesday, June 2: Takamatsu City General Gymnasium #1, Kagawa
Thursday, June 4: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Saturday, June 6: Ota City General Gymnasium, Tokyo