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AEW Dynamite Preview (May 6, 2020): Let’s Do It Live!


Tonight (May 6) All Elite Wrestling comes our way live from a closed set. Last week Cody & Lance Archer qualified for the TNT Championship finals, The Bubbly Bunch came one step closer to earning their Emmy, Britt Baker prove - yet again - that she is, in fact, a role model & MJF has the the strongest nail bed in AEW.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Jon Moxley versus Frankie Kazarian
  • Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara versus Matt Hardy & Kenny Omega (Street Fight)
  • Cody versus Joey Janela
  • MJF returns

Here are five questions about AEW tonight:

1) Who will Moxley’s next challenger be?

Tonight Moxley faces Kazarian in a non-title bout. Moxley hasn’t been in an AEW ring since he defeated Jake Hager defending his championship (honestly, he deserved a break after that slog), but the big question is what is next for the champ?

All things told he hasn’t done that much as champion. He had his feud with Jericho and then his feud with Hager. Both took singular focus, but with the quarantine in effect he hasn’t been seen on TV that much. It’s not his fault and one out of two of his big feuds were good, but he does need to face someone NOT in the Inner Circle for a while.

While I love the idea of him doing an open challenge/facing random people on the roster to solidify his position as champion while showcasing the deep talent at AEW, he needs to do it while simultaneously building a championship feud. Jon Moxley is a man (and champion) that needs direction!

Considering he faces Kazarian tonight - 13 of SCU - and the fact that Scorpio Sky has been getting a lot of air time via video package it would make sense for Sky - someone they clearly see as a singles star - to be Moxley’s next challenger. Perhaps something happens tonight during/after the match to set up such a feud!

2) Will the Inner Circle reunited tonight during Le Sex Gods’ Street Fight?

Chris Jericho has challenged Matt Hardy & Kenny Omega to a street fight and they have accepted. Now, Chris Jericho doesn’t do anything without a plan and during last week’s broadcast he said that he was going to “put an end to The Elite” - what could his evil plan of destruction be?

Considering that it is a no DQ match and that AEW is live for the first time in weeks, tonight is a perfect time for all members of the Inner Circle to make an appearance to tip the scales in Le Sex Gods favor. Of course, that also means that it’s a perfect time for The Bucks to return too!

Who will get the upper hand? The Elite or The Inner Circle? Could they be re-establishing their Blood and Guts fueled feud even without said PPV on the horizon?

3) What will Cody have to say about his TNT Championship opponent?

Last week Cody beat Darby Allin to secure his place in the TNT Championship finals, as did Lance attempting murder on Dustin Rhodes.

Now, if there is one thing we know about Cody is that he doesn’t care about his family and that he doesn’t need outside motivation to get fired up. SIKE - Cody is gonna lose it tonight! And by “lose it” I mean he’s going to cut a sick promo after his match with Joey calling out Jake The Snake & Lance Archer.

Cody tried to deny Jake and his protegee. He made them work for it...and that may have been a mistake. Now Archer has made it personal and Jake is, no doubt, going to gloat.

These promos are gonna be face meltingly good...honestly, probably better than the match itself.

4) Will we get another edition of The Bubbly Bunch?

Sure, Jericho & Sammy have a match and the odds are that the other members of the Inner Circle will be making an appearance too, but we NEED more Bubbly Bunch!

It’s irreverent, nonsensical, and perfect. Quarantine is terrible. The world is in shambles. We NEED the Bubbly Bunch to save us! I mean, they come complete with hand sanitizer and tasers! They are the superheroes we deserve.

5) Heavy sigh...What are the women’s roster up to tonight?

I don’t know guys. I’m just at a loss for words really. Like, how hard is it to advertise their women’s division? I just - AH!

I love every thing that Britt Baker is doing and her Role Model videos are fantastic (was so nice to see Rebel!), but what is it all leading to? Is she going to face Nyla? She’s not ranked number one - does that matter? What’s going on with NYLA?? Where did Shida go? What about Big Swole? ANYTHING!

The least they could do is give us a match between Brandi & Penelope or something. There’s even a little story happening there!

A girl can dream.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions!

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