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Marty Scurll would like to see ROH vs AEW, looking to implement intergender wrestling

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Marty Scurll surprised the wrestling industry when he re-signed with Ring of Honor instead of joining his pals over at All Elite Wrestling. One of the more enticing carrots offered to Scurll was becoming a member of the ROH booking and creative team. During the ROHStrong podcast, Scurll discussed his plans for interpromotional activity and elevating women’s wrestling in ROH.

One of Scurll’s first goals as booker man was to make ROH stand out by providing interpromotional dream matches for the fans. He worked to strengthen the working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling by bringing in top talent for the now canceled Supercard of Honor. Scurll also looked to continue working with NWA as talent sharing could earn new viewers for both promotions.

The big elephant is fan interest in ROH working with AEW. Scurll believes that could happen at some point.

I don’t see why not. It would just have to be a matter of timing and a matter of where it would benefit both companies. I have an obviously amazing relationship with the Bucks. I still talk to them on a regular basis. I have a pretty good relationship with Tony Khan. I think both parties are definitely willing to work with each other.

It’s just a matter of timing, I guess, when it would be suitable to do so. It’s definitely something I wouldn’t rule out. I’m not saying anything will happen, I’m just saying I wouldn’t rule it out. There’s no reason why we wouldn’t. The timing needs to be correct. It needs to be a fitting situation for us to work together. I’d personally like to see it happen at some point.

ROH vs AEW would be a fantastic idea if the details could get ironed out. It is obvious that ROH would gain from the exposure on national television. AEW could benefit from increased viewership for that storyline playing out on Dynamite. Depending on the matchups, I imagine a joint PPV could sell really well.

The prime story would be Marty Scurll going against the Elite. Other dream matches I’d love to see would be Rush wrestling Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho, Dragon Lee wrestling Fenix and PAC, PCO wrestling Pentagon, and the Briscoes wrestling Hangman Page & Kenny Omega.

Scurll also discussed trying to make all of ROH’s championships to be on equal levels. Elevating the women’s division goes hand in hand with that notion. Scurll worked to put together a quality field of participants in the now canceled Quest for Gold tournament to crown a Women’s Champion. With all that top-notch talent, he also has his eye on intergender wrestling.

I think with this tournament we really could have had some awesome main events fighting over the Women’s title. Something we start to implement as well, sort of time and place, is the idea of intergender wrestling, whether that be mixed tag matches or mixed 6-man tag team matches. Just finding the right time and places to have these matches on the card and giving the women more of a spotlight.

Scurll is all for using intergender wrestling for storytelling dynamics and believes fulfilling that demand from fans would help ROH stand out.

Scurll’s booking plans sound intriguing. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when ROH will return to the ring. Scurll doesn’t believe in putting lives at risk to run shows, and ROH recently announced that events through June have been canceled.

What are your dream matches for ROH vs AEW? Would you start watching ROH if the women’s division got more spotlight? Are you interested in ROH dipping their toes into intergender action? Which intergender matchups would you like to see in ROH?