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Contra Unit attacks LA Park on MLW’s new Pulp Fusion series

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With the coronavirus hitting MLW with event cancellations, they have had to shift into alternative programming. MLW has been taking a break from their weekly Fusion show since no new matches have been filmed. They transitioned into celebrating the past with MLW Anthology. Today, MLW announced the debut of a new digital series called Pulp Fusion.

Major League Wrestling today unveiled MLW: Pulp FUSION, a new weekly digital series.

Each week viewers will journey inside the world of MLW and its athletes and experience the continuation of rivalries, the introduction of new and familiar faces as well as hints as to what’s next for Major League Wrestling.

The series premieres this morning on MLW’s YouTube channel:

“Pulp Fusion serves as the creative tissue that connects what happened to the league and its athletes in the wake of the shocking conclusion of the May 9th episode of MLW FUSION,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Along the way fans will learn what’s ahead as they take a wildly unique dive into the world of MLW each and every week.”

MLW: Pulp FUSION acts as a creative bridge and spinoff for FUSION during the series’ hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode digital short series features a variety of MLW athletes and personalities as well as some surprises.

Produced virtually with the MLW production team working with talent from afar, the series looks to provide fans unique, unfiltered access to its roster of professional wrestlers.

You can watch the premiere episode out now.

This looks a lot like the Roll Call feature that was being presented at the end of MLW Anthology episodes. If you have been skipping Anthology, then you’ve been missing out on storyline advancement. I recommend checking out the first two cuts of Roll Call (May 18, May 25), before diving into the newest Pulp Fusion. Looking at MLW’s YouTube channel just now, I see that those old Roll Call clips have been rebranded as Pulp Fusion.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down:

  • Blue Meanie was having deja blue outside the old ECW arena. He did his little dance.
  • Jordan Oliver was sitting in a yard drinking booze. People want to know about newest member of Injustice. Oliver teased a spoiler then pushed the camera away.
  • Gino Medina was confronted by a snooping cameraman. Medina was asked about his status with the Dynasty. Medina brushed him off.
  • Mance Warner won’t be following orders from Contra. They can’t tell him when to hit the pay window.
  • Richard Holliday chatted with Alexander Hammerstone. Holliday’s goal is to buy MLW then flip it for a profit then re-buy the company to show the investors he needs to be in charge. Hammer’s goal is climb to the next level and win the MLW Heavyweight Championship.
  • Savio Vega dissed Holliday’s mustache. He will wipe that mustache off Holliday’s face with a super side kick.
  • Dominic Garrini spoke with Tom Lawlor. Garrini was worried about the lack of women in attendance when they win the tag titles from the Von Erichs. Dom suggested making a dating profile. Lawlor slowed that idea down. In an effort to help, he wanted to see what Dom was working with.
  • Konnan had a message for Josef Samael about Contra’s takeover in Tijuana. If he has to rally the MLW troops and get reinforcements from AAA, Contra won’t have the manpower for that.
  • Myron Reed explained what Injustice is. They are fighting for truth. It is about rising up and freeing all the folks locked down from their full potential.
  • Kevin Von Erich advised his sons about the test of a champion. The hard part is remaining champion. Marshall and Ross want to be fighting champions. Team Filthy won’t outwork them.
  • LA Park made a challenge to the Contra Unit. Whichever style of match they want. Park is going to kick their ass. Park was then ambushed in a surprise attack from Contra.
  • The closing promo was from Samael. “The renegades want to rise up? Infidels. Fools. Consider this a warning. Hail, Contra!”

The two parts that stuck out to me were Gino Medina possibly being booted from the Dynasty and Contra attacking LA Park. There has been no indication of discord between Medina and the Dynasty, so perhaps that was just a sleazy paparazzi snooping for a scoop. Contra ambushing Park has deep ramifications. It shows that they can get to anyone, anywhere.

What was your takeaway from this episode of Pulp Fusion?