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Cody will defend the TNT championship in an open challenge every week

In his first promo as the first ever TNT champion, Cody Rhodes said that he didn’t inherit the dominant genes from his father Dusty. For Cody, it’s always been about hard work being more important than pure talent, and that’s why he’s going to issue an open challenge for the TNT championship every week.

For some folks, Cody may have instantly turned heel by saying that Tom Brady was his favorite quarterback. I didn’t really understand why Cody was trying to present himself as anything other than a chosen one of AEW, considering he is an executive vice president. But it did allow him to work in a quip about not being welcome back in Connecticut, so maybe it was worth it.

Are you excited to watch Cody as the reliable workhorse (TNT) champion of Dynamite this summer?

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