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AEW Rewind: Cage & MJF becoming buddies, new matches for Dynamite, and more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

Brian Cage made some noise by winning the Casino Ladder Match in his AEW debut at Double or Nothing. In the post-match promo, Taz made all the noise.

Cage certainly had an impressive performance. He even made a friend with MJF as a fellow body guy.

How sweet. Nothing says friendship like buying a custom scarf to keep your buddy’s traps warm.

Hikaru Shida fought for herself as inspiration to win women’s gold. Shida had to clarify her comments in regard to fans thinking she fought for Hana Kimura.

Shida’s back in action on Dynamite tonight.

Arn Anderson was impressed by Cody Rhodes’ ability to reach down into his guts to defeat Lance Archer for the TNT Championship.

Despite the Exalted One’s loss at the hands of Jon Moxley, Evil Uno kept up his daily message for Mr. Brodie Lee.

Mr. Brodie did not publicly acknowledge Evil Uno’s words, but he did release a statement toward Moxley.

Good news for fans of AEW’s resident role model. In a photo posted by Cage, the knee of Dr. Britt Baker DMD does not appear to have massive swelling nor bruising indicative of a serious knee injury. Let’s hope she returns healthy lickety-split.

Speaking of parties, AEW’s added a trios match that’ll pit an Elite threesome against acts that represent two kinds of parties - the champagne room and spring break varieties.

The best of the fallout from Double or Nothing comes courtesy of Tony Schiavone. His unexpected NSFW intro to the post-game show (here) cracked me up with laughter. Likewise, his closing joke, “Thanks for all the nice comments, even the guys who were trolls. You know who you are. You have your own opinions. I get it. And your opinions can be wrong, because mine was wrong the day I got married. No, I love my wife. I really do love my wife, especially now that she’s 350 miles away.”

If you missed the news from AEW Dark last night, Allie made headlines by trying to upset the apple cart and seduce QT Marshall from afar. Brandi Rhodes was none too pleased with QT taking his eye off the ball and putting them on the bazonkers.

This could lead to a feud between the Natural Nightmares against Blade and Butcher. We’ll have to see what Allie’s master plan is.

Being the Elite

“Stadium Stampede” - Being The Elite, Ep. 205 (here) featured:

  • Nick Jackson was not pleased with Matt Jackson’s special gear designed for Double or Nothing. They looked like stripper elves. It was a goof on the Revival.
  • Frankie Kazarian thanked Christopher Daniels for his support in the Casino Ladder Match. Scorpio Sky came in and said the same to CD. CD basically repeated the exact same response he gave Kaz. Kaz caught on and thought CD was ribbing them. They demanded to know who CD was picking. CD caused a distraction and ran away before answering.
  • Kenny Omega was trying to contact Colt Cabana while yelling out curse words. He was angry about last week’s chat being featured on BTE. Cabana claimed he was hacked, but Nick denied that. Omega feels their trust relationship has been fractured. The sizzling hot angle for Cabana will be pushed back as punishment. Omega went to the bathroom to take a dump and found Cabana inside.
  • Kaz and Sky pestered CD at his hotel room to get an answer. CD stalled and closed the door on them.
  • Matt Hardy and the Bucks were at the memorial of Vanguard 1. CD, Kaz, Cody Rhodes, Brandon Cutler, Peter Avalon, Hangman Page, Scorpio Sky, and Rick Knox were also in attendance. Cody kept looking at his watch. Kaz thought this meeting to celebrate a drone was the drizzling shits. Avalon ridiculed Cutler’s attempt at a eulogy. Knox ejected Kaz over his outbursts. Hardy revealed that Vanguard was a raging alcoholic, much like Hangman. Hangman sung a yippee-ki-yay-yo cowboy song. Hardy had a premonition that the Seven Deities have taken the essence of Vanguard and placed it inside a new vessel named NEO (Nature’s Electronic Organism). That segment was pretty funny and relevant for Dynamite. It starts at the 7:07 mark.
  • Cutler reminisced his one year anniversary of signing an AEW contract. It was a life-changer for him. The Bucks looked out for Cutler to take care of one their one. When Cutler started with AEW, he wanted to prove he wasn’t a charity case. A year later, he is on an 0-12 losing streak. Cutler feels like he let the Bucks down. That was a genuinely sad segment.
  • Private Party were supposed to have a cinematic match against Bonez and Bear. It was a ladder match with a 12 dollar prize. That is the amount that Hangman owes Private Party. Only Bonez was there to fight. Chaos broke out. Bonez used an armbreaker on Isiah Kassidy, so Marq Quen put Bonez down with a sleeper. Kassidy got payback by stomping Bonez. Private Party was locked out of the backyard. They couldn’t retrieve the $12. Private Party called an Uber to leave. The driver turned out to be Bear. Cliffhanger. Part II next week.
  • Kaz and Sky were drinking The Rock’s Teremana tequila. They both lamented over not winning the Casino Ladder Match. Kaz saw the tape and realized it was Joey Janela that hit him with a chair and not Sky, like Kaz initially thought. Kaz apologized. CD came in for a pep-talk. CD never chose sides. He wanted SCU to win.
  • Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy were recovering after their losses. Marko Stunt explained his map in a bottle to find Luchasaurus’ tail. Luchasaurus explained that there was never a tail. It was a metaphor. It was about friendship. He was missing his pals.
  • Justin Roberts was still looking around. He practiced introductions in his own studio.
  • BTE aired camera footage of the Stadium Stampede. There was an alternate angle for the One-Winged Angel finisher leaping off the balcony.
  • The show closed with a scene taking place before Double or Nothing. Hangman visited the Bucks to strategize. To beat the Inner Circle, they have to get in a circle. The three huddled together to focus on finding that special something. Marty Scurll entered the room, but they were too busy to notice.

We’ll close with the Double or Nothing top 5 from Jenn Decker.

5. Brian Cage as the mystery man in the Casino Ladder Match
4. Cody Rhodes as first-ever TNT Champ
3. Hikaru Shida as new Women’s Champ
2. Jon Moxley retaining the World Championship
1. Stadium Stampede

What is your top 5 from Double or Nothing?

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