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Cody Rhodes and Mike Tyson bonded over baby oil

Cody Rhodes and Mike Tyson shared a bonding moment Saturday night at Double or Nothing. No, I’m not talking about Tyson chasing off Jake “The Snake” Roberts so Cody could become the inaugural TNT Champion. Their most memorable moment occurred backstage before the bout when Cody rubbed Tyson down with baby oil.

Cody explained the story as a guest on The Rich Eisen Show.

It came up when discussing how Tyson got involved with AEW.

Cody Rhodes: I haven’t told anyone this, but I shared a nice moment with Mike behind the scenes where he used a little of my baby oil to put on his chest and his arms, and I helped him rub it in. It was actually pretty surreal. Pretty surreal. But I wanted him to look as jacked as possible. That guy looks great, by the way. Absolutely great. Just so fun to have him.

Rich Eisen: Alright, Cody. I have some follow-up questions. Did he ask for the baby oil or did you offer said baby oil?

Cody: So, he asked for the baby oil, because I think he saw the other wrestlers are typically putting on a little baby oil or water. You know, wrestling tradition. And I made sure he had it. But, before we went out, he just kind of sprayed it. It was a little spray bottle of it. He just sprayed it on his chest and his arms.

Eisen: We can’t have that. You can’t have that. You can’t have that.

Cody: Yeah, nah! You got to give it the classic “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, before even “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, where you rub that stuff in. And I was able to assist in that moment. A real bond over that moment. I mean I was doing the same thing. That and, of course, the fact that he handed me the title were big walkaway moments for me over the weekend.

Ah, to be a fly on that wall. I can imagine Tyson’s signature laugh as Cody oiled him up. Sounds like a funny scene.

If you want more Tyson, AEW has you covered. Tyson will return for this upcoming Wednesday night’s Dynamite. The specific reason why has not yet been revealed. Perhaps Tyson and Cody can tag together against Lance Archer and a partner in a baby oil match.

Where does this story rank in the world of weird wrestling tales?

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