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MLW Anthology: Light beers, lariats, and blood with Mance Warner

MLW returned with their Anthology series. Mance Warner was the focus this week. He turned it up with light beers, lariats, and blood in a Loser Leaves MLW match against Sami Callihan as well as a no ropes, barbed wire match against Jimmy Havoc. Roll Call featured breaking news of Dynastic re-signings.

The show opened with a memorial graphic in honor of Shad Gaspard.

Josef Samael cut into the intro to remind us that there is no Fusion due to the Contra Unit’s takeover. Contra has no remorse of breaking MLW and its mighty wrestlers. Nobody saw it coming. Contra has conquered Major League Wrestling and their black flag flies high over MLW’s offices. Try and rise up, but remember that the fire also rises. Hail, Contra!

A cool video package played to hype Mance Warner. Ole Mancer has taken MLW by storm leaving light beers and lariats in his wake. He gets that W and hits the pay window.

Loser Leaves MLW: Mance Warner vs Sami Callihan in Falls Count Anywhere

This bout was set up after Warner spilled beer on Salina de la Renta to make himself an instant enemy of Promociones Dorado. Salina had the book as executive producer of this special episode, so she put two thorns in her side against one another. Mancer and Callihan bonded over their dislike of Promociones Dorado.

The fight took place from Milwaukee, WI in the Waukesha County Expo Center during June 2019. You can read the full recap here from when it originally aired. I’ll cover the craziest moments for this write-up.

Callihan kicked it off with a spit-take to everyone’s favorite rabble-rouser, Jim Cornette.

The action spilled all around the arena. Violence involved using trashcans, chairs, the merch table, metal bleachers, a stapler, and wooden slabs. The wildest scenes were Callihan stapling money to Warner’s arms and head, Sami with a super piledriver through wood, and Callihan stapling Mancer’s tongue to the broken wood. Warner won in the end with a running knee against wood into Callihan’s head.

Low Ki will be featured in next week’s MLW Anthology. He was one of the last men to learn under Gary Hart.

Last Tangle in Texas: Mance Warner vs Jimmy Havoc

The promo package to set up this match showed Havoc wearing a pumpkin on his head. Warner was ready to dance one more time in a no ropes, barbed wire match. This bout took place in Dallas, TX from the NYTEX Sports Centre during January 2020. You can read the full recap here from when it originally aired.

This bout was a bloodbath. You probably assumed that given the stipulation of no ropes, barbed wire. It started getting crazy when Priscilla Kelly slipped in wire cutters for Havoc to slice out a strand of barbed wire. He then wrapped it around Warner’s face. As if that wasn’t enough, Havoc brought in a barbed wire bat for extra violence. Warner got payback by jamming the bat into Havoc’s cojones. Other highlights include a DVD from Havoc through wood and a chokeslam from Warner through wood.

For the finish, Kelly poured white powder into Havoc’s hands. Warner used it to his advantage to knock Havoc’s hands up and send the powder back into Havoc’s face. A piledriver on top of a chair over wood topped with barbed wire won the match for Ole Mancer.

Warner cut a backstage promo. His face was covered in blood. He ended Havoc. Warner is going to hit the pay window, drink some light beers, and get some gold. He called out Alexander Hammerstone for the National Openweight Championship.

Roll Call

Time for the week’s promo montage from the current roster:

  • LA Park still wants revenge against Contra after what they did to his son. Hijo de LA Park plans to humiliate Contra. LA Park Jr. added that if you mess with one, the whole family responds. LA Park and his sons are coming for Contra.
  • Gino Medina brushed off the paparazzi cameraman. His mamacitas were calling.
  • Dan Lambert stated that Low Ki does not possess the minimal psychological requirements to obtain a fighting license from athletic commissions. His attorneys have contacted all athletic commissions about Low Ki being a danger. Low Ki will not be performing at any MLW event in the future. Sorry, not sorry.
  • King Mo reminded us that Low Ki’s corner threw in the towel last time they fought. The next time he sees Low Ki, it is night night.
  • Mance Warner learned that drinking light beers and welding do not mix. He discovered this while working on the blueprints for his Triple Tower of Doom to fight the Dynasty.
  • Everyone’s asking Myron Reed who is going to step up to the plate as a new member of Injustice when they fight Contra. He didn’t reveal any names. Reed’s handpicked choice is ready for war.
  • Jordan Oliver claimed that Injustice runs 500 million deep. They are everywhere repping Injustice.
  • Richard Holliday chatted with Alexander Hammerstone and his dog. Holliday had just finished his private beach workout in the Caribbean. It was private, because he purchased the beach. Holliday broke the news that he re-signed a lucrative multi-year extension with MLW. Hammerman broke his own news that he also re-signed with MLW. Dynasty, bro.
  • The Von Erich family celebrated Kevin Von Erich’s birthday. Kevin’s wish is for his sons to redeem the Texas flag after Tom Lawlor defaced it.
  • Tom Lawlor was angry to learn that he shares the same birthday as a Von Erich.
  • Aria Blake planned to make an arrangement for daddy Colonel Parker. Boss hog made it seem like a sexual rendezvous might be in the works.

This episode of MLW Anthology was a perfect introduction for fans who have never seen Mance Warner. This was my first time watching those matches again, and they hold up as enjoyable as I remember. It showed how he’s all about light beers, lariats, blood, and hitting the pay window. Minus the blood and maybe the lariats, I think most of us can relate.

One main thing that makes Warner a fan favorite is his passion. When he gives promos, it always seems like he buys in 100% to what he is saying. I can easily envision him literally standing in line at the pay window after a win.

Roll Call continues to be a great feature. Colonel Parker and Aria Blake stole the segment with their budding relationship. It came so far out of left field considering neither has been on Fusion much in the past year.

Jordan Oliver seems to be mathematically challenged. I highly doubt Injustice’s numbers run 500 million deep. The US population is roughly 328 million. I wonder which other countries rep Injustice with high numbers.

Three cheers for the re-signings of the Dynasty. Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone have a lot left to accomplish in MLW. I also love Hammer getting a cameo from his dog. Maybe Holliday can get that pooch a sponsorship.

What were your favorite memories from Mance Warner’s episode of MLW Anthology? Who stole the segment during Roll Call?

MLW’s weekly program (Fusion and Anthology) airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET / 7 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is broadcast in over 20 countries.

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