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Cody Rhodes would love to stand in a ring across from Sting

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Sting WWE

There have been rumors swirling ever since word got out that Sting is now a free agent. That will always be the case while AEW is a thing, of course, but there are some unique ties there that make it more than a little interesting to consider the possibilities. Then, Cody Rhodes was hitting a Stinger Splash at Double or Nothing.


Now, Cody has actually reached out in the way Cody reaches out — through the media.

From a talk with SI:

“You can read into every step I take, every breath I breathe, and every glance of my eye. Look all the way back to All In. This is something that was willed into existence. My life is willing sh— into existence. If I was a little boy and got to do a Stinger Splash and that’s where it ends, great.

“I don’t know what his schedule is like or where he’s at in this world, but nothing would please me more than to stand in a ring across from Sting. There has been no contact, but that’s my way of reaching out.”

Sting is at the end of his career, and there’s no telling how much he actually has left, but if he does have any more gas in the tank he would have a better chance of doing something with it in AEW than WWE.

Why not?