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Fyter Fest 2020 doesn’t have a date or a location, but it has a main event

AEW’s Twitter

Brian Cage debuted at Double or Nothing and won the Casino Ladder Match, and with it a shot at the World title.

In the post-PPV media scrum, 10 year old AJ of The AJ Awesome Show got to go first when AEW President Tony Khan came on, and asked the most important question... how exactly does the chip Cage retrieved from above the ring worked? Is it something he can “cash in” like Money in the Bank briefcase (terminology which honestly makes a lot more sense here given the gambling theme than it does with WWE’s contract gimmick)?

Khan wasn’t specific if this is how the chip will work if it makes a return appearance in AEW’s storylines, but this year it’s giving us the likely main event of the company’s next big show:

Details on the when and where of Fyter Fest are forthcoming, with at least some of the details coming on this week’s episode of Dynamite.

In 2019, the show was produced in association with the CEO fighting games convention. That and the recent Frye Festival debacle gave the show its name, neither of which are relevant this year, so it’s interesting that AEW is sticking with it again this year.

Last year’s show happened in June, and was available for free in the United States on TNT's streaming sports corporate sibling, B/R Live. Khan mentioned how important the first Fyter Fest was for their partners at Warner Media in terms of driving new subscribers to B/R Live, which may indicate it will be a no or low cost show. He also mentioned they’d planned to do the show in London this year before the coronavirus pandemic made that impossible.

We’ll see what other information they drop on us on Wednesday. And whenever the show happens, we’ll find out if Jon Moxley is ready for Cage.

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