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The Elite & Inner Circle leave it all on the field in bonkers Stadium Stampede

For the final match of Double or Nothing, AEW moved from Jacksonville’s Daily’s Place to TIAA Bank Stadium (and from live to pre-taped). Dancers, band members, and even the mascot from the NFL’s Jaguars were around the ring in the middle of the stadium for the five-on-five tag bout set to main event on Sat., May 23.

But as the bell rand for the falls count anywhere Stadium Stampede, The Elite were down a man in their battle with the football uniform-wearing Inner Circle. Hangman Page was missing, but we found out why early in the match... The Cowboy rode onto the field and chased frequent vehicular assault victim Sammy Guevara into the bowels of the stadium.

Guevara made it back to the ring area, which is where most of the action took place. In the early going, that meant a string of moves from the apron onto competitors assembled on the turf. Matt Jackson wasn’t going to let a rib injury keep him from using the goalpost as a springboard, either.

While Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy battled Santana & Ortiz onto the concourse, Hangman headed to the bar.

Omega got the worst of it in the concession area, having salt poured in his eyes and getting powerbombed through a table. Hardy ended up in the stadium pool, and somehow turned it into a Lake of Reincarnation, fighting back as a V1 and the Sensei of Mattitude as part of his comeback before reverting back to Broken.

Hardy dealt with the Proud ‘N’ Powerful duo, taping Ortiz to a chair of wheels before trapping Santana in an ice chest.

Next, we saw Jake Hager follow Page into the bar. He bellied up, but it was only a moment before the brawl began. Hangman started strong, but ended up involuntarily cleaning the bar and almost being pinned after a powerbomb through a table.

Kenny arrived to team-up with his fellow tag champ. They broke a case of champagne bottles over Jake’s head to deal with the big Okie, then shared a toast (Omega poured Page a whiskey; Hangman fixed his friend a glass of milk).

Back out in the stadium, Matt Jackson & Guevara suplexed each other from end zone to end zone while Jericho and Nick used every football-themed gag they could think of on each other. It ended with Le Champeon and Aubrey Edwards in the replay tent after a Jericho challenge.

After superkicking Rick Knox for throwing a flag on his Alex Wright celebration, Matt J. joined his brother to stadium splash Jericho through a table.

We also got a line-painting goof, and a callback to Omega & Hardy running down Sammy with a golf cart. Just when it looked like Guevara might end the Broken One, something flew in. It wasn’t Vanguard1, it was NEO1!

The drone distraction gave Omega an opening. One Winged Angel off the ledge onto Sammy, and the Stampede was over.

After The Bucks gave Kenny & Hangman a Gatorade bath, that is.

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