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Mike Tyson gives us a couple gifs we’ll be using for awhile

Mike Tyson was scheduled to present the new AEW TNT championship at the company’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view tonight.

Within a minute of doing that, he gave us a gif that we’ll be utilizing for a good while. It happened right after the Murderhawk Lance Archer charged to the ring past Tyson with a little dude in toe just so he could give said little dude a big chokeslam.

Iron Mike’s reaction made for the perfect gif.

The gif is great for any time you want to relay “This shit is weird but you know what? I dig it.”

And being that we’re all wrestling fans, we probably think that fairly often.

Actually, make that two.

Because you need this in wrestling a lot too.

You can find the results from Double or Nothing, including the result to this TNT title match, at the live blog here.

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