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Mike Tyson scares off Jake’s snake, ensures Cody wins TNT title

Somewhat surprisingly, the TNT title match pitting Cody against Lance Archer went on third during the PPV portion of the Double or Nothing card.

Iron Mike Tyson was out with the new belt (which Tony Schiavone informs us is a work in progress, with the final product having been delayed by the pandemic) on Sat., May 23 in Jacksonville. And when Archer destroyed a stander-by during his entrance, he gave us a reaction GIF we’ll probably see a lot of in the future...

If the heavyweight legend from Brooklyn enjoyed that, he loved the action that followed. The Murderhawk Monster hit his finisher at the bell, and that set the tone for the next several minutes.

The most compelling action for much of the match involved Archer and his manager Jake Roberts jawing with Big Swole, who was in the seats at Daily’s Place. Tyson was among the many cheering on the American Nightmare, though.

With a big DDT, Cody got under Jake’s skin... but Lance fired back with a spinebuster aimed right at the EVP’s second, Arn Anderson. A springboard cutter finally put the big man down, and Cross Rhodes ended a trifecta of Rhodes’ family finishers. But that and a Stinger Splash couldn’t get him three.

The managers figured in the ending, as did Tyson. Arn got involved while Jake had referee Bryce Remsburg distracted (for some reason). That got both men tossed, but The Snake tried to come back with his snake. Mike showed off his new physique by flexing on the WWE Hall of Famer, and Jake hightailed it out of there.

Cody countered a Blackout into not one but two Cross Rhodes, and TNT has a new representative.

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