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Brandi Rhodes won’t be ringside for Cody in AEW’s TNT Championship match

After Jake “The Snake” Roberts put his snake on Brandi Rhodes, she has every reason to be ringside in support of her husband, Cody, in the TNT Championship match against Lance Archer tonight at Double or Nothing. However, Brandi has strategically decided not to be present as the match unfolds.

Brandi was interviewed by Alex Abrahantes on the YouTube pre-show, not to be confused with the “Buy In” pre-show.

Abrahantes tried to get the scoop about Cody’s mindset going into the big bout. That’s when Brandi revealed why she won’t be ringside.

Cody is so focused. I’ve never seen anything like it today. He is just plugged in completely. His mind is not on anything other than winning the TNT Championship. As he said weeks and weeks and weeks in a row, he needs this. And I think that he really does need this. I have no concerns as far as him.

In fact, I’ve taken myself out of the equation for this match, because I don’t want to be any kind of distraction to him. We all see how the other side works. They like to work with things like that, since they can’t get the job done on their own. Jake “The Antiquated Snake” can’t do anything other than down women and use words like bimbo and stupid shit like that. We’re just going to let them play their game, but we’re going to take anything out of that equation that’s going to keep Cody from doing what he does best. That’s just do the work. That’s win. That’s play the game fair and just win.

I’m confident, 100% confident. I’ll be watching tonight, of course. And I have no doubts, especially since he’ll just be there. He’ll be focused. He’ll have Arn with him. Arn is very good at keeping him focused. And Arn, of course, is nothing to ever worry about, because he is Arn Anderson. Good luck if you decide to step to Arn Anderson. Yeah, I think this is going to be a really good night for the Rhodes family.

Abrahantes questioned if revenge could sidetrack Cody or if he’ll be focused on winning the TNT Championship. In Brandi’s answer, she mentioned what their revenge will be tonight.

He’s focused where he needs to be focused, because he didn’t marry a damsel in distress. I can handle my own my situations and I can fight my own fights. As you notice, the snake was put on me and I didn’t move. That should say a lot. So, we’ll worry about that at another time.

Right now, the focus is winning. There is only one first. And become the first-ever TNT Championship, that’s something that will add to his lineage, his body of work as he likes to say. People are always going to come after me. I’m an easy target, so they think. But I don’t go down without swinging and I don’t forget about anything. So as much time as needs to go by for me to get my revenge on Jake and Lance, let it go by.

I’ll tell you what the revenge will be tonight though. When the bell rings three and I walk down to the ring with my bottle of Dom Perignon and I step over Lane Archer’s body and I glance one time at Jake Roberts, he’ll know I won.

Strong words from Brandi, however, I’d like to point out that she didn’t move from the snake because she was unconscious. Other than that, she has a point about being a potential distraction. I thought ringside would be crowded already with Roberts, Anderson, and Mike Tyson all watching. Taking Brandi out is a smart move to make things more efficient for us viewers. Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t make an appearance anyway mid-match to pep talk Cody during the midst of a beatdown from the Murderhawk Monster.

Abrahantes also interviewed Billy Gunn in the pre-show to discuss the Casino Ladder Match. Gunn broke the news that there is a one in a million chance that he will be the mystery participant.

Do you like Brandi Rhodes removing herself from ringside? Or were you hoping to see her dish out dessert to Jake Roberts?

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