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The wrestling world reacts to the death of Hana Kimura

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It’s been a tragic week for the wrestling community, bookended by the loss of two lives. The events which led to the deaths of Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura were very different. but the result was similar... lights extinguished too soon, leaving many behind struggling to adjust to the darkness.

Reactions to Kimura’s death feature a mix of sadness and anger. We all hope to be the hero Gaspard was, but most of us can relate at least somewhat to the treatment the Stardom wrestler & Terrace House star received prior to her death. That’s especially true of others who live part of their lives in public as a result of their profession.

Following is a sampling of the messages dedicated to Kimura which have flooded social media from others in the wrestling business since the news of her death was confirmed earlier:

Rest in peace, Hana Kimura.

If you or anyone you know is need of support, we hope you find these links helpful:

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