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AEW Double or Nothing 2020 results, live streaming match coverage: Cody vs. Archer, Mox vs. Lee, Stadium Stampede more!

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat., May 23, 2020) with Double or Nothing. The show comes our way from Daily’s Plaza in Jacksonville.

A pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:30 p.m. Eastern / 4:30 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel and B/R Live.

The main card is available on B/R Live and via cable & satellite providers in the U.S. & Canada for $49.99, and on everywhere else for $19.99.

We’ve got predictions from the staff for all the matches on the card here, and a preview of all nine matches here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Double or Nothing below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


  • Matt Hardy & The Elite def. Inner Circle
  • Jon Moxley def. Brodie Lee
  • Hikaru Shida def. Nyla Rose
  • Dustin Rhodes def. Shawn Spears
  • Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford
  • Cody def. Lance Archer
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. Jungle Boy
  • Brian Cage def. Darby Allin, Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy, Joey Janela, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Frankie Kazarian, and Luchasaurus in a Casino Ladder Match
  • Best Friends def. Private Party


Get outta my way, I’m gettin’ tired of you. There ain’t no chance, coin’ what you wanna do. I’ve been down, down, down, down, down... Got to get my feet back on the ground. Lady double dealer, get outta my way, ‘cause I’ve got to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The Buy-In begins with Excalibur and Taz welcoming us from the commentary booth and run down the card for tonight.

We toss to an interview from earlier today with Jake “the Snake” Roberts and Lance Archer, who’s going to town on some junk in condemned house with a sledgehammer. Jake directs traffic as he smashes up part of a bathroom to prove that he’s ready for tonight.

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Kassidy and Taylor to start, Chuck with a side headlock, into a wristlock, Isiah rolls through into an elaborate kip-up reversal. Leg pick counters, back to the headlock, mat grappling, tags made. Collar and elbow, Quen with a side headlock, shot off, drop down, Marq snaps off a standing moonsault for an early nearfall!

Jockeying for position over the ropes, springboard DDT countered into a northern lights suplex by Trent! Drawing him up for chops, Taylor in, double teams ensue, double whip into a front kick and Kassidy comes in for dueling shiranuis with Chuck! Stereo lariats, Chuck goes spinning out of the ring and Beretta puts boots to Isiah.

Back suplex, Trent gets his headband back from Taylor and draws Kassidy up for knees, whip into the ropes, he barely gets off an assisted tornado DDT to put Beretta on the back foot! Overhead elbow, chops in the corner, tag to Quen and he steals Trent’s headband! Trading shots, Beretta’s ribs bothering him and he goes to the floor.

Tag to Kassidy, whipping Trent into the barricade and he uses his momentum to spear Isiah out of his boots! MARQ QUEN TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, Best Friends knock Marq down with a one-sided Tower of Doom... NOPE! Scoop and a slam, Chuck off the ropes with an elbow drop for two. Working him over in the corner, but Marq blocks a tornado DDT and nails Trent with a dropkick!

Tag to Kassidy, duck the lariat, springboard Ace Crusher, dropkick, to the apron, kickflip moonsault takes Taylor out on the floor! Back on the apron, springboard reverse STO... STILL NO! Whip into a Manhattan Drop, enzuigiri, legsweep, Camel Clutch, leapfrog stomp, a sequence worthy of the Backseat Boyz but not quite good enough for a victory!

Malfunction at the junction, Beretta with Saito suplexes on both Private Party men! Tag to Chuck, referee Rick Knox losing control of the match and Taylor belly-to-bellies Isiah into Quen! Sole Food into the suplex! HUG! Going for the Dudebuster, but Quen clears the apron and hits Trent with an enzuigiri, Kassidy holding him down... SHOOTING STAR PRESS SHADOWS OVER HELL STYLE WITH BERETTA SANDWICHED OVER ISIAH’S KNEES!

Marq and Chuck trading forearms, Private Party hit the G9, following it up with a neckbreaker, shooting star press off the top... CHUCK TAYLOR MAKES THE SAVE AND PILEDRIVES MARQ QUEN ON THE FLOOR! SUPERKICK TO KASSIDY! Trent with a lariat that nearly takes Quen out! Beretta going for a piledriver of his own but his ribs give out and Marq hits him with a hard shot to the ribs!

Working him over, Private Party running low on their reserves but not willing to go down, step-up kick to the ribs, setting Beretta up top, Hurricanrana reversed into a sunset flip for two! Trent gets him in position...

Best Friends win by pinfall with Strong Zero on Marq Quen to become #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Arn Anderson is interviewed and he points out that toilets don’t fight back, Cody Rhodes does. He’s got some what ifs for us— Jake could DDT Arn, Arn could DDT Jake. Arn could spinebuster Jake, Mike Tyson could knock Jake AND Arn out, things could get pretty hairy, but fact is the title will be decided in the ring, where it belongs.

You look at how Lance Archer ran the table on his side of the bracket and you might think it’s a done deal, but you’d be forgetting about guts, determination, and tenacity, leadership qualities. Dusty’s legacy will live on forever, and Cody’s part of that, but his legacy starts tonight with him winning the big one.

We get a video package to hype up Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee.

Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone make their entrances to join the commentary desk and end the Buy-In.

The main show opens with a video package from the roster thanking first responders for their work during the pandemic and also memorializing the late Shad Gaspard before giving us an overview of tonight’s major feuds.

We get promos from a bunch of the entrants to the ladder match about how they’re going to win.

Colt Cabana vs. Darby Allin vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Joey Janela vs. Kip Sabian vs. Luchasaurus vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Scorpio Sky vs. ??? (Casino Ladder Match)

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky start the match.

Circling, fist bump, they immediately bail and get ladders. They think better of it and ditch the ladders in favor of some mat grappling, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, leapfrog, stalemate and less than a minute on the timer! Back to the lockup, Kaz with a side headlock, Sky reverses, whip, back body drop, off the ropes, duck the stomp!

Whip reversed, duck the lariat, leapfrog, drop down, double lariats and both men are down and out as the countdown timer ticks...

Kip Sabian comes out third.

Jimmy Havoc takes a ladder in the ring to help his pal out and runs both SCU boys over! Michinoku driver / dropkick combo takes Scorpio out, they set Frankie up top, Jimmy gets a ladder underneath him and climbs to meet him... BUT KAZARIAN DODGES WHATEVER HE HAD PLANNED AND GERMAN SUPLEXES HAVOC INTO THE LADDER!

Under a minute before our next man, Sabian sets Sky up on the steel steps and climbs a ladder set up at ringside, but climbs back down when he sees Kazarian climbing a ladder in the ring! Whip reversed, Kaz up the ladder, Kip yanks him down and hammers him with a knee to the jaw! Sky comes in, the countdown timer ticks...

Darby Allin comes out fourth.

Allin clearing house, slingshot in the ring, Diamond Dust wipes Kazarian out and he’s fired up! Darby to the floor, grabbing ladders, doing some hardcore feng shui with the barricades to lean a ladder from barricade to apron! Whip reversed, Kazarian slides under but Allin wings his skateboard at Frankie’s face! Climbing up the tall ladder... DIVING DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH THE OTHER ONE WITH THE SKATEBOARD IN THE MIX BUT KAZARIAN ROLLED AWAY!

Darby writhes in pain as the countdown timer ticks...

Orange Cassidy comes out fifth.

Orange checks in with commentary to remind himself how to win the match and walks off sullen at the idea of having to actually do stuff. Taking his time walking to the ring, sliding in laconically as the men on the floor start to rise, Cassidy reaches for the chip but is not tall enough. Kazarian slides a ladder in the ring and Orange stands on it, flat on the mat, and still cannot reach.

Sky in, Cassidy leapfrogs him, dumps Kazarian to the floor, finally he picks up the ladder and gets it vertical but doesn’t bother to unfold it so it just falls over. The countdown timer ticks...

Colt Cabana comes out sixth.

Chants of “Help him Colt!”, but Cabana nails Orange and throws him out of the ring! Climbing the ladder, Sabian cuts him off, SCU are in and they tip the ladder over, crushing Colt’s fingers in it! Less than a minute on the timer, Cassidy back in, hands in his pockets, disdainfully kicking both SCU boys, rolling under their strikes and dropkicking them!

Kip-up, off the ropes, suicide dive lands true and the sunglasses stay on! Brawling on the floor, the countdown timer ticks...

Joey Janela comes out seventh with a tope con giro off the stage!

Joey clearing house ringside, he comes in with a dropkick to Cabana, the path is clear and the ladder set up, but Kazarian returns to the ring to cut him off! Frankie climbs, Joey comes back with a steel chair and cuts him off! Sky comes in and takes the chair, waffling Janela with it! Sabian in with a tornado DDT off the ladder!

Climbing, the countdown timer ticks...

Luchasaurus comes out eighth.

Swatting Colt’s axehandle aside, judo throwing Sky into a spinning knee strike, goozle for Kip... THE DINOSAUR POWERBOMBS HIM TO THE FLOOR! Axe kick to Kazarian, a roundhouse kick... CHOKESLAM INTO A LADDER! A SECOND CHOKESLAM INTO THE MAT! Less than a minute left, Luchasaurus rearranging the furniture, Darby comes in and they jockey for position in the turnbuckles... AVALANCHE YOSHI TONIC! Allin sets a ladder up, the countdown timer ticks...


Cage hits the ring and immediately pops Allin up for an F-5! Throwing him out of the ring, setting a ladder up, Sky charges in and Brian biels him, nails him with a kick, and a huge German suplex! Back body drop for Janela, kick to the face... DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Back elbow for Cabana, Kaz tries to climb and Cage stops him with one hand... GERMAN SUPLEX DROPPED INTO A NECKBREAKER!

Cage climbing, everybody gets on him pulling him down, taking him to the floor, burying him in ladders and barricades, even grabbing one of the giant chips at ringside and putting it on him! Colt in the ring and climbing, Sabian dropkicks the ladder, Sky comes in and cuts him off, sandwiching Cabana in the corner with a ladder and hammering him with forearms.

Off the ropes, Kip with the low bridge, but he complets the ladder Van Terminator on Colt! Setting the ladder up, Cassidy comes in, Superman Punch, climbing, Sabian right with him and they trade right hands atop the ladder! Penelope Ford comes to the stage to provide some kind of moral support, Kip flips Orange the bird but Cassidy grabs his finger and punches him off the ladder!

Ford hits the ring, climbing to meet Orange, he blocks both her punches and lets her fall into Sabian! Cassidy has one hand on the chip but Jimmy Havoc cuts him off and chokes him with his tie! Putting boots to him, Best Friends hit the ring and save their buddy! Luchasaurus returns to the ring and knocks the ladder over, squaring up with Orange.

Goozle, Chokeslam lift but Cassidy fights out and grabs a goozle of his own! Thumbs down, he goes for the chokeslam but he can’t get the dinosaur up! Marko Stunt in the ring with a fun-sized ladder, he gets up on it and chokeslams Cassidy with a little help from the dinosaur man! Dropkick takes Sky out of the ring, suicide dive, Kazarian leapfrogs a ladder to Frankensteiner Luchasaurus!

Joey with the tiny ladder, he beans Orange in the head with it, fireman’s carry on the apron... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER OFF THE APRON AND INTO THE PILE OF STUFF BRIAN CAGE WAS BURIED UNDER! Back inside, Janela sets a ladder up, Scorpio comes in to cut him off... LEAPING TKO! The path is clear, Sky climbs... KAZARIAN SPRINGBOARDS TO THE LADDER! BOTH SCU BOYS ARE DUKING IT OUT FOR THE CHIP!

Luchasaurus gets underneath them and tips the ladder over! He sets it back up, Cabana comes in but gets booted off the ropes and back to the floor! CAGE IS BACK TO HIS FEET! Luchasaurus folds the ladder to meet him, Cage blocks a chokeslam, trading shots, ripcord elbow sets up a kick combo, dinosaur rolls under, kicks of his own, goozle, Brian flips over it, knee strike... CAGE POWERBOMBS LUCHASAURUS INTO THE LADDER!

Brian sets the ladder back up and climbs... BUT DARBY ALLIN IS BACK! Cage draws him up, Allin pastes him with a palm strike and Brian drops him with a wicked lariat! DRILL CLAW! Taz comes back to ringside, Cage sets a ladder up in the corner and sets Darby on top of it. He gets underneath both man and ladder... AND MILITARY PRESS DROPS ALLIN AND THE LADDER TO THE FLOOR!

Cage climbs unopposed...

Brian Cage wins the ladder match by retrieving the chip, earning a future match for the AEW World Championship.

Post-match, Taz gets in the camera and says Cage is gonna keep dropping bodies.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Collar and elbow, Perry gets control and Friedman scrambles back to separate. Back to the lockup, MJF with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Jack kips up and Max drops him right back down with a mat slam. Off the ropes, flip through, MJF waves his gentleman’s area at Perry, who does a handspring and then shows his bits off in equal fashion.

Back and forth showing off, Friedman to the floor for a breather. Back inside, no test of strength, monkey flip, some double nearfalls, and Max ends up trapped in a bodyscissors. Forcing Jungle Boy’s knees apart, regaining control, rolling through, both men standing on their heads and trading slaps! Perry takes a lead and rains strikes down on MJF’s face!

Charging in, throat thrust cuts him off, overhand chop, but Jack ducks the punch and lights him up with chops! Up and over in the corner, Friedman stumbles and comes up lame clutching his knee! The ringside doctor slides in to check on his knee and of course Max was faking and gets his cheap shot in!

Choking Jack in the corner, hopping on the “injured” knee so the folks in the cheap seats get it, snapmare into a reverse chinlock, hoping to grind Jungle Boy down. Off the ropes, MJF with a head-and-arm suplex, Perry fires off a slap, slides low, springboard crossbody, duck the lariat but Max cuts him off with an elbow!

Back suplex, Perry lands on his feet, Poison Frankensteiner denied but he finds a way to get a victory roll nearfall off it! Friedman with a backbreaker for two into repeated punches to the face, beating him down in the corner, arm wringer into an arm drag in the corner for two. Stepover armbreaker, chops in the corner, Jack with a boot to the arm, uppercut into the comeback, lariat off the ropes!

Chops against the ropes, rolling thunder double chop! Action to the floor, Friedman with a slide into a slap across the face, Perry comes back in, suicide dives of his own! Imploding springboard tornado DDT... MJF GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Perry charges in, Max with an elbow up and a double stomp across the elbow! Arm wringer into an armbar attempt, Jungle Boy fights out and they go forehead to forehead!

Trading chops, again Friedman with the throat thrust, superkick for rolling elbow for flip piledriver for basement superkick...PERRY KICKS OUT INTO AN ARM-TRAP CROSSFACE BUT HIS GRIP WON’T HOLD! MJF bites his hand, pumphandle driver... SO CLOSE! To the apron, Jack with a superkick... POISON FRANKENSTEINER ON THE APRON!

MJF cold out on the floor, Jungle Boy heads after him, one-armed, struggling to get Friedman’s carcass back in the ring! Headed up top, Max climbs to meet him, they jockey for position... AVALANCHE POWERBOMB ISN’T QUITE ENOUGH TO KEEP HIM DOWN! MJF looking for the armbar, denied, he goes for the shoulderbreaker but his back gives out!

Trying again, Jack reverses into a pin, no dice! Backslide from Max, no good, overhead elbows to the shoulder to try and get the armbar, Jungle Boy with a schoolboy pin on the reversal... NO! O’Connor roll, reversed, reversed...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with a European Clutch.

Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Archer (AEW TNT Championship Tournament Finals)

Lance Archer absolutely destroys a dude during his entrance with a chokeslam, much to the delight of Mike Tyson.

Referee Bryce Remsburg gives them a chance to shake hands but they refuse.

The match begins, Archer gets Rhodes up... BLACKOUT! Cody rolls to the floor out of pure instinct! Lance follows after, throws him inside, tells Tyson he’ll knock him out and goes for the EBD Claw! Cross armbar to counter but Archer stands up and breaks the hold by raking his boot across Cody’s face! Chops, Lance shrugging them off so Rhodes hammers him with punches to the head.

Archer throws hard punches of his own, Cody grabs the tail on the mohawk and uses it to maneuver around, Cody Cutter... COUNTERED WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK AND RHODES FALLS TO THE FLOOR! The Murderhawk Monster follows out after him, Jake the Snake offering advice, he peels a mat back but Cody blindsides him with a suicide dive and brawls with him past the barricades!

Climbing a guardrail... ARCHER BIELS HIM OVER THE RAILING AND BACK TO RINGSIDE! Lance throws him back in the ring and takes his time jawing at the camera, back inside, pump kick sets up a lariat and Rhodes is turned inside out! Clawing at Cody’s face, getting in Bryce’s business when he warns him off, knucklelock, smash his face into the turnbuckles, up top... OLD SCHOOL MOONSAULT FOR TWO!

Choking Cody in the ropes, delayed vertical suplex lift but Rhodes gets a knee in and reverses to a delayed gourdbuster! Drawing the big man up, but he reverses into a snap suplex! Archer tears a turnbuckle pad off in one fell swoop, but Cody passes him into the corner and starts working the ribs over! Rhodes up top, Archer grabs him... MILITARY PRESS DROP OVER THE POST AND TO THE FLOOR!

Lance follows after him, boots, stepping on his neck, getting Aerial Monroe’s hackles up before taking Cody back to the apron and clawing at his face! Rhodes with a side headlock, Archer with a ripcord Rock Bottom... NOPE! Mounted punches, Cody unable to protect himself, Lance has him face-down, wrenching his ear before stepping over him, turning Vader Bomb... STILL NO!

Kneeling armbar, hammerfists to the chest, Rhodes falls to the floor and Arn Anderson gives him a pep talk. Desperate punches and chops, Lance throws him into a barricade but Cody’s full of determination and fires back with yet more forearms! A right hand knocks Rhodes so loopy he tries to put his dukes up on his back!

Back inside, trading punches, Cody gets an arm-trap crossface! He wraps Lance’s braid into the hold for more leverage and Remsburg warns him off! Jake up on the stage, offering up his jaw for one good shot but Archer comes from behind. Back suplex lift, Rhodes lands on his feet and snaps off a DDT right in front or Roberts!

Whip reversed, big spinebuster from Lance, jawing at Double A after! Archer sits up top, Cody cuts him off with an enzigiri, springboard... CODY CUTTER OFF THE TOP BUT THE MURDERHAWK MONSTER KICKS OUT AT ONE! Archer wants more, Rhodes with right hands, a knee to the face, Lance shrugs it off and gets to his feet where Cody meets him with turning jabs into the Flip, Flop, & Fly, conjuring his father’s spirit!

Final Cut brings his brother into the mix, Rhodes slashes his throat, inverted facelock... LANCE ARCHER KICKS OUT OF THE CROSS RHODES! Giving the “awooo!”, Stinger Splash but Lance returns the favor right back with a chokeslam! EBD Claw applied, slamming Cody’s head into the mat over and over again but Archer can’t capitalize!

Back on their feet, Lance with a knucklelock, clubbing blows, climbing the turnbuckles, walking the ropes, but with Bryce distracted, Arn Anderson takes his legs out from under him! Rhodes climbs up behind him... INVERTED SUPERPLEX! Referee Paul Turner comes from the back and wants Arn Anderson ejected! TYSON AGREES! BRYCE REMSBURG EJECTS THE ENFORCER! HE’S THROWING JAKE OUT TOO!

Back to the action, Archer with a German suplex, looking for Jake... AND JAKE COMES BACK WITH THE SNAKE! IRON MIKE CLIMBS UP ON THE STAGE TO MEET HIM AND TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF! HE’S IN FIGHTING SHAPE AND ROBERTS BACKS OFF! Tyson flexes on the stage, Archer puts Cody into the ropes, thinking Blackout but Rhodes counters into Cross Rhodes! He holds on...

Cody Rhodes wins by pinfall with two Cross Rhodes, winning the AEW TNT Championship Tournament and becoming the inaugural TNT Champion.

Post-match, Tyson presents Cody with the belt.

Backstage, we get an injury update on Dr. Britt Baker, DMD from the ringside physician.

Her leg is broken and she has a pair of tendon tears, but he says the patient is worse than the injury. As far as a return goes, she wants to announce her comeback estimate on Dynamite this Wednesday.

Kris Statlander vs. Penelope Ford

Kip Sabian accompanies Ford during her entrance and he’s on crutches and all kinds of taped up.

Collar and elbow, Statlander with a side headlock takeover, reversed to a headscissors, off the ropes, Ford with a double arm drag but Kris takes her legs out from under her and cartwheels around the Bad Girl. Boop countered with a bite of the finger, whip across, Penelope bails and Kip gets between her and the alien.

Statlander up on the apron, duck a slap, but Ford catches her with a hanging DDT! Kicks to the back with Kris stuck in the ropes, chops and kicks, but Statlander comes back at her with elbows! To the floor, off the ropes, a suicide dive wipes both of ‘em out! Back in, off the top, Ford with the boots up for two!

Scorpion Kick... NOPE! Knee strikes, trading forearms, off the ropes, back body drop, buzzsaw roundhouse into a German suplex and Statlander is fired up! Whip across, uppercut, running knee strike, cross-leg Michinoku Driver... STILL NO! Jockeying for position, inverted DDT from Penelope, again just a two count!

Stunner follows it up, Matrix evasion to duck a lariat and Kris hits a big lariat of her own! Up top, palm strike, jockeying for position, Ford gets a dirty Frankensteiner off! Handspring, cutter countered into a Blue Thunder Driver...

Kris Statlander wins by pinfall with Big Bang Theory.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears makes his entrance, wearing a suit and not at all dressed for competition.

He asks where Dustin Rhodes is and answers himself, saying he’s at home washing his tights.

Dustin’s music starts playing and Shawn acts all startled and scared before turning to the camera with a grin across his face, saying it was too easy and we fall for it all the time. He demands referee Aubrey Edwards start the match and count Rhodes out. She reluctantly agrees when he points out this is a sanctioned match.

Dustin’s music plays *again* and Brandi Rhodes comes out this time while Spears is sputtering about how they were only supposed to do it once. DUSTIN IS HEAR! Trading shots, tearing Shawn’s jacket off him, whip across, pull his shirt over his head hockey-style and Dustin keeps wailing on him! Right hand, stomping him in the corner as his shoes go flying!

Spears takes his belt off and wraps his fist with it, flipping Brandi the bird but when he goes to attack he gets cut off and snap scoop powerslammed! Rhodes tears his pants off and Shawn is revealed to be wearing old-timey sock garters. He goes to run away, Dustin grabs his underwear and nearly exposes him but settles for a Manhattan Drop and a clothesline to the floor!

Brawling on the floor, Spears gets a breather and we get to see that Tully Blanchard’s face is on his gentleman’s area. Back inside, kick to the midsection...

Dustin Rhodes wins by pinfall with Final Reckoning.

We get a video package announcing All Out for September 5.

A memorial graphic for Hana Kimura appears on the screen and Excalibur says a few words.

Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose (c) (AEW World Women’s Championship No Disqualification, No Countout Match)

Rose charges in with the kendo stick, Shida cuts her off at the pass, dropkick, kick the kendo stick out of her hand and now Hikaru takes a swing! Nyla blocks, tug of war over the weapon and the champ drops her with a lariat! Licking the stick, hammering her with it, wailing across her back and midsection before throwing it out of the ring!

Drawing her up, scoop and a slam, cover, only two. Smashing Shida into the corner, she rolls under the charge, running knee puts her into the corner hard and Hikaru takes her out to the apron. Clubbing blows across the champ’s back, Shida backs up and hammers her with a knee trembler! Rose gets herself back together and throws Hikaru into the barricade!

Choking her against the barricade, Nyla gets a table out but Hikaru cuts her off before she can set it up... ROSE PRESS SLAMS HER THROUGH A POKER TABLE AT RINGSIDE! She opens a chair and rams it into Shida’s midsection! Laying her face down in the chair, Nyla gets another chair and uses the edge of it to choke her challenger out!

Drawing her up, forearms, ramming her with the chair again and dumping her back to rinside over the barricade! Stalking out after her, drawing her up, throwing her inside, the champion stalks after her. Disdainful kicks to the head, toying with her, side slam, off the ropes, big splash for two!

Powerbomb lift, Hikaru counters with a Frankensteiner, off the ropes, sliding knee! Looking for the Falcon Arrow, Rose reverses to a straight suplex! Clothesline sends Shida to the floor, the champ stalks out after her but eats a crossbody off the steps! Running knee to the back of the head follows it up and Hikaru’s putting it together!

She dumps Nyla over the barricade and into the crowd and gives chase, smashing Rose’s face into a stack of the giant poker chips! Jockeying for position... SHIDA HIP TOSSES HER INTO THE CHIPS! Hikaru lines her up, running start... A KNEE SENDS NYLA INTO A CHIP! Over the barricade and back to ringside, Shida reclaims her kendo stick and clobbers the champ with it!

Back in the ring, more kendo stick shots, to the chest, over her head, and she suplexes her on the stick for good measure but no finish! Hikaru ducks a lariat, right hands, windmill punches, off the ropes... ROSE HOSSES HER UP FOR A POWERSLAM! Slow to capitalize, the Native Beast lets loose a roar as she rises to her feet.

Putting a boot to Shida in passing, drawing her up, a front suplex hangs her up in the ropes! Rose heads up top... DIVING KNEE ACROSS THE BACK OF HER HEAD ISN’T ENOUGH! Rose goes and gets the table from earlier and slides it in the ring. She sets it up, leaning it in the corner, fireman’s carry but Hikaru slips out!

Waistlock, jockeying for position, Shida off the ropes but she runs right into a lariat! POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! SHIDA FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT! Fireman’s carry... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Kendo stick shots follow, Nyla heads up top but Hikaru throws the stick at her! Climbing up with her... HIKARU SHIDA AVALANCHE FALCON ARROW SHE DID THE DEAL BUT NYLA ROSE FOUND THE WILL TO KICK OUT!

Calling for it, off the ropes... ROSE HITS HER KNEE WITH THE STICK! Forearm staggers the champ, Shida runs the ropes again, another sliding knee... NOT ENOUGH! Both women back to their feet, Hikaru tees off and takes Nyla’s head off with the kendo stick! Off the ropes...

Hikaru Shida wins by pinfall with a third sliding knee to win the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley (c) (AEW World Championship)

Moxley charges in but Lee turns him around and puts him in the corner with chops. Whip across, sidestep the charge and Brodie goes ass over teakettle to the floor! Mox with a suicide dive that puts Lee THROUGH the barricade! Brodie’s able to get a suplex off and get some breathing room! Chops in the aisle, back inside, slingshot, snap suplex, suplex lift sets the champ up top.

Jockeying for position, Jon off the top but Lee catches him and throws him back to the floor! Off the ropes, suicide dive sends Mox sprawling! Trading chops, Moxley with a headbutt to set up a waistlock but Brodie counters by smashing his face into the guardrail! Pumphandle suplex puts Moxley into a section of barricade!

Back inside, trading forearms, knee strike for a big boot, slaps, Lee with a Saito suplex that sends Jon into the corner. Charging uppercut, but Mox puts together a lariat and follows it up with the Gotch piledriver... MR. BRODIE KICKS OUT! Action to the floor, the champ pulls the steel steps out and wedges them in place next to the timekeeper’s table.

Lee takes him out with a dropkick but ends up back body dropped off the steps and through the timekeeper’s table! Knee lifts, throwing Brodie back in the ring, palm strikes up top, Lee with a superplex but Mox reverses into the small package for two! Passing Brodie to the floor, diving off the apron... HALF NELSON SUPLEX PUTS THE CHAMPION INTO SOME GIANT PLAYING CARDS THAT ARE PART OF THE SET!

Slamming Moxley on the cards, headed back inside, the straps are down, powerbomb clutch, go behind, Lee off the ropes with that big boot! BRODIE BOMB! NO GOOD! Both men in opposite corners, slow to rise, but Mox is unsteady on his feet and ends up crawling to the stage. He throws a medium-sized poker chip at Brodie!

Jockeying for position on the stage... PARADIGM SHIFT THROUGH THE RAMP! REFEREE PAUL TURNER CALLS THE DOCTOR IN! Moxley crawls out of the hole and back to the ring while referees and medics swarm the ring! Brodie Lee crawls out, forehead bloodied, stumbling, Mox catches the discus lariat, Paradigm Shift... LEE KICKS OUT AT ONE!


Jon Moxley wins by referee stoppage with a reverse chinlock sleeper hold to retain the AEW World Championship.

We get a hype reel for the AEW action figure line, coming this summer.

Commentary recaps highlights of the show so far.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, & Santana) vs. “Broken” Matt Hardy & the Elite (“Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (Stadium Stampede Match)

Hangman Page is nowhere to be found after our entrances, but our two teams charge at each other and we immediately get a chaotic brawl! Hardy puts Jericho’s head into the ringposts, Guevara attacks Omega with a football, and Kenny throws a trash can at him in return! PAGE IS HERE AND HE’S RIDING A GODDAMN HORSE! HE CHARGES AT SAMMY AND THE SPANISH GOD GOES RUNNING INTO THE BOWELS OF THE BUILDING!

Hangman stalking Guevara on horseback, Nick stomping away at Y2J, having a nice little wrestling match in the ring while chaos erupts around them. Bucks double-team Le Champion but Proud-N-Powerful come in to counter them! Double-teams on an isolated Nick Jackson, Matt eats a powerbomb and Omega comes in! Dragon suplexes for both Santana and Ortiz but Hager hits the high-angle twisting spinebuster! Side Effect from Broken Matt! Codebreaker!

Sammy returns to the field and the Inner Circle stand tall in the ring. Guevara shooting star press, nobody home and the Elite begin their comeback. Buckle bomb into stereo enzuigiris, Twist of Fate spikes Sammy on his dome! Kenny lines him up but Jericho trips him and Nick dives into the crush! Santana hits an Asai Moonsault to follow it up!

Guevara up top... SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE CRUSH! Breaking back down into one-on-one brawls on the field, Ortiz smashes Broken Matt with a trash can and Jericho puts Nick into the goalposts! Sammy does the same to Matt Jackson! Jackson goes behind a low wall while Le Sex Gods beat his brother up and he comes out with a ladder!

Bucks turn the tide and set the ladder up, climbing it up to mount the crossbar on the goalpost... MOONSAULT OFF THE GOALPOST! And yet Jericho kicks out! Kenny wailing on Ortiz with a yellow traffic cone, Santana getting some of the same treatment but Angel gives it right back as they fight up into the stands.

Whipping Omega into the bowels of the arena, we cut to see Adam Page still looking for Guevara, still on horseback. He dismounts and tells the horse to stay while he follows a sign to the East Club Lobby to get his drink on. PNP attacking Broken Matt through the upper deck of the arena, wailing on him and Omega both with madballs!

Kenny gives Santana some of his own medicine before slamming Ortiz over a trash can! Omega grabs a barricade and sets it across some tables, but Ortiz saves his partner and salts Kenny’s eyes! They gourdbuster him into the barricade he set up! They climb up top... DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE BARRICADE!

Santana and Hardy fighting through the stands, the Inner Circle man smashes him into a wheelchair! They decide to put Matt into the pool and Santana follows but Ortiz can’t swim! Angel gets over his fears and they hold Hardy under the water to drown him... AND MATT HARDY VERSION 1.0 COMES UP! HE GOES BACK UNDER AND WE GET MATT FACTS!

He comes back up again (as Big Money Matt?) and tells them they don’t have the attributes to beat the first version, but they put him under and leave him! Matt comes back out, broken once again! Hardy tells Ortiz he has to pay for his transgressions against Vanguard and he gives him the business. Santana charges in and Matt back body drops him into Ortiz and the table!

There’s a big bell and he rings it over Angel’s head before putting him in the chair of wheels and giving him a very good prescription! He orders him confined to the chair of wheels for a couple days and duct tapes him into it! Santana attacks with a wet floor sign, they fight towards the men’s room, Matt lighting him up!

Santana with a powerbomb lift but Hardy slips out and rams him into an ice chest! HE PUTS SANTANA ON ICE AND WEDGES A BROOM IN THE DOOR! We cut to Hager walking backstage and calling Hangman out when he runs into the horse, which is a very good horse that stayed where Adam asked him to. Jake goes to the bar and takes a seat next to Page.

He asks if he came to fight or to drink, and Page pours him one and slides it over before asking what’s the difference and wailing on him with punches! Jake with knees in return, throwing him over a pool table! Hangman breaks a pool cue over his back but Hager is unfazed! Jake puts him over the bar but Page puts on the brakes and boots him from the pool table!

Dive caught... HAGER ROCK BOTTOMS HIM ONTO THE POOL TABLE! Clubbing blows, putting him on the bar like a sack of flour and he runs him down the bar before throwing him off it! DOCTOR BOMB THROUGH A TABLE BUT PAGE KICKS OUT! Omega shows up at the bar and makes the save before glassing Jake with a whole damn bottle of the bubbly!

Hager shrugs off the first but a second and a third and a fourth get him staggered... V-TRIGGER! BUCKSHOT OVER THE BAR! Hangman sets up a pair of glasses and pours a milk for Kenny while Omega pours him a whiskey. They have their drinks and leave, and we cut to Matt Jackson beating the crap out of Sammy Guevara on the football field.

Sidestep the Asai Moonsault, catching kicks, lands on his feet off a German suplex but Matt catches him into the rolling northern lights suplexes! Nick Jackson tries to put Jericho into a big fan but the legend fights him off and spikes him with some kind of long stick! Cut to the northern lights suplexes, fifty yards down and still rolling!

Y2J gets on a megaphone and Nick kicks it into his face! Jackson spiking footballs at Le Champion! One of ‘em nails him in the gentleman’s area but Jericho throws him into a giant jaguar head! A mascot taunts Chris and he takes him out with the Judas Effect! Matt is still rolling with the suplexes and Jericho puts a cone on his head and cackles before Nick superkicks him through a net!

Putting Jericho into the walls, but he’s got Floyd the Bat and he hits Nick with it so hard that he nearly wins it! Chris challenges the play and demands a replay, so Aubrey Edwards goes into the replay tent to watch it, and it’s definitely a two count! Back to Matt and the suplexes... TOUCHDOWN! Jackson celebrates with a dance and referee Rick Knox calls the penalty... MATT SUPERKICKS HIM!

Y2J still attacking Nick with Floyd, setting him on a table, winding up... MATT MAKES THE SAVE! Matt has Floyd and chokes Chris with him! Holding Jericho down, Nick runs up the stands and down the stairs... DIVING SPLASH OFF THE STANDS AND THROUGH THE TABLE! Page has the line marker and he paints a line across Y2J with it!

Guevara staggers into some sprinklers and regains his wits thinking he won the match, when the sounds of an engine revving in the distance appear. Omega and Hardy have a golf cart and they give chase but Sammy climbs the wall and up into the stands! He’s throwing chairs, running away, the last man standing for his team. Kicks to Kenny and then to Broken Matt, choking Hardy, telling him he’s gonna kill him... AND NEO 1 APPEARS, VANGUARD 1’S SUCCESSOR! V-TRIGGER! Electric chair... ONE-WINGED ANGEL OFF THE STANDS AND THROUGH A ROOF! IT’S OVER!

“Broken” Matt Hardy & the Elite win by pinfall with One-Winged Angel from Kenny Omega on Sammy Guevara.

Post-match, the Bucks give Kenny a Gatorade bath and the Elite stand tall together.

That’s the show, folks.

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