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AEW Fallout: Time to render the Inner Circle obsolete

The big story coming out of Dynamite (May 20, 2020) was the surprise return of Hangman Page and the Young Bucks before the Elite clashes with the Inner Circle in the Stadium Stampede at Double or Nothing in May 23. Fallout from the show includes reaction from both factions, as well as other goodies.

Matt Hardy and the Elite are ready to render the Inner Circle obsolete. We won’t be seeing the happy-go-lucky Bucks. We’ll be seeing the Elite beat the Inner Circle jerks.

I want that Hardy moan for my phone as an alarm clock noise.

Meanwhile, the Inner Circle won’t put up with the Elite’s dirty behind-the-back grab ass bullshit in the Stadium Stampede. The Elite won’t like what happens when it is 5-on-5 fair and square.

I’m giving the Inner Circle the edge in this go-home promo battle. Chris Jericho was consistent with his comedic double standard heel complaining. The close for the Elite was awkward jibber-jabber, especially with Nick Jackson’s use of the singular jerk. Although, it could be a hint for the Stadium Stampede to break out into a dance contest as the Elite does the jerk while the Inner Circle flim flams.

Time for a throwback photo of Le Sex Gods.

It’s wild that the young Sammy Guevara grew up to be one of Jericho’s most trusted associates. That is the kind of tale written for movies. (Update: Apparently that kid is not actually Sammy.)

Hikaru Shida has no fear of Nyla Rose in her no DQ Women’s Championship opportunity.

Shida comes across as an innocent lady with proper manners. Saying, “Screw it,” with so many exclamation marks feels like her version of swearing.

After Orange Cassidy sent the Best Friends to the back prior to his match, Trent and Chuck Taylor decided to go sip on some bourbon.

We’ll close with new merch in the AEW shop.

If one of those shirts catches your fancy, then this weekend is the time to buy. There is a 20% off sale from May 21 to May 25 with the code DON.

Who had the better promo heading into the Stadium Stampede, the Elite or the Inner Circle? What odds do you give Hikaru Shida off taking the belt off Nyla Rose?

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