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Drake Maverick upsets Kushida to earn another week in WWE


Tonight on NXT, it was do or die for Drake Maverick. Pull the massive upset against Kushida in the cruiserweight tournament and force a tie breaker or lose and go home.

And not just home from the tournament. Home for good. Since he’s been released from WWE, this tournament has been the only thing keeping Maverick in the company.

The match played as you thought it would. Kushida dominated Maverick for that vast majority of the match. He worked over the left arm, rendering it almost useless, setting up for his Hoverboard Lock finisher.

But never discount the heart of Maverick, who continually shouted at referee Drake Wuertz not to stop this match, no matter how much pain he was in.

The fight eventually made its way to the top of the rope. Drake attempted Sliced Bread but his arm was too injured to pull it off. Instead they landed in a way that Kushida had a clean path to the Hoverboard Lock. But as Drake fought and fought, he was able to leverage a pin, getting the three count to pull the upset.

With Drake, Kushida, and Jake Atlas all tied at 2-1, leaving no easy tie breaker, William Regal ruled there will be a triple threat match next week to decide the A Block winner.

Drake Maverick has earned himself one more week in WWE. Can he take that even further? We’ll find out next week.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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