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Sounds like Shotzi Blackheart wants to run over the women’s division with a tank

Tonight we got a little backstory for Shotzi Blackheart and it sure was something.

Cutting a promo from a full sized tank (as opposed to the mini-tank she rides to the ring), she explained at half shout about how she got into punk rock because of her dad and there’s nothing more punk rock than wrestling.

It’s a cool little backstory, but let’s talk about this tank.

Like any wrestler cutting a promo, she talked about how she wanted to take on the division. But this time, she said it while running over some cars with a tank, emphasizing that she wants to crush them all. In this promo, she specifically mentioned Dakota Kai & Raquel González, Chelsea Green, & Candice LeRae as a few people she wants to run over with a tank.

This is certainly a unique persona, which will help Blackheart navigate the NXT women’s division. And the other women best watch out because if they turn their back, Shotzi may just crush them with a tank.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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