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Jon Moxley just broke a man’s arm

Tonight’s (May 20) episode of Dynamite opened with a promo from the Dark Order’s Exalted One, Mr. Brodie Lee. He explained that unlike the Dark Order of old, he performs at an elite level. He showed off Jon Moxley’s stolen AEW world championship as proof that he gets results. Lee capped it off by declaring that he has to win on Saturday (May 23) at Double or Nothing when he fights Moxley for the title.

Jon Moxley responded by beating the hell out of Dark Order member “10” in a wrestling match, which included additional torture in the form of an unnecessary piledriver after a DDT.

After the match, Moxley wasn’t interested in chasing Brodie Lee backstage like a geek, looking for his title. Instead, he gave the Exalted One ten seconds to come out, or else he was going to break 10’s arm with a steel chair. It turns out that Lee was cool with Moxley breaking the guy’s arm, so that’s exactly what happened:

Jon Moxley is a dangerous man. Does Brodie Lee have a chance in hell at defeating him on May 23 at Double or Nothing?

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