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AEW Rewind: Schiavone throws shade at Britt, Brandi’s new project for women, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

Tony Schiavone throwing shade at Dr. Britt Baker DMD

Tony Schiavone was a guest on episode 25 of, “A Shot of Brandi.” Tony helped make piña colada beverages and piña colada cupcakes with Brandi Rhodes. Discussion turned to Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Brandi: Or you could ask that dumbass dentist friend of yours, because I’m sure she knows. Tony, did you see what she did to me? Why did she do that? Why did she think she could just hit people with a shoe all the time and get away with it?

Schiavone: Everybody asks me about her because...

Brandi: You’re friends. You have a special relationship.

Schiavone: I started doing interviews with her and I kind of work with her in interviews. I hate to say this, because I don’t like to shit on my friends, but I think she just wants to be relevant. We’re talking about a match that she had no reason to be there, right?

Brandi: Yeah. She was just there in the audience just watching, and the guy was already getting beat up. QT was getting beat up real bad already.

Schiavone: She saw her spot. She’s thinking I want to be relevant, I want to be part of this, I want to make my mark in the women’s division of AEW, so I’ll do this. And that’s why.

Brandi: Well, I’m telling you. Somebody is going to get her ass. Do you think she’s a good guy, like a good person? Do you think she’s like lost right now or something?

Schiavone: There’s part of me that thinks that she’s lost, but there’s also part of me that thinks... (Brandi mumble mumble) I mean I love her, but I’m not so sure I’d let her push me with the drill to my mouth.

Brandi: That one, you know, something will change with her...

That’s cold by Skia-vone. Doing his friend dirty like that. Tony will change his tune about Dr. Britt Baker DMD when he has a toothache.

Speaking of Brandi, she teased an upcoming announcement for a project geared toward women as wrestling fans. AEW Heels arrives May 22.

Road to...

AEW’s, “Road to Double or Nothing,” (here) featured:

  • Tony Schiavone interviewed Mr. Brodie Lee. Mr. Brodie got fed up with Schiavone’s stupid questions. Schiavone then asked if the Dark Order was a cult. Mr. Brodie had enough, left the scene, and said harsh bleeping words for someone off camera about the chat being a waste of his valuable time.
  • QT Marshall met with DDP for another pep-talk. They scouted QT’s loss to Lance Archer. QT was concerned about his injured ribs. DDP told him to tape them and not be a sissy. DDP advised QT to quit the top rope stuff and come back when he has a real finisher. A real finish will change your life.
  • Angelico and Jack Evans of TH2 are not delusional. You can take everything they say as fact. They talked trash about Private Party. They never lost, because Angelico’s shoulder was clearly off the mat. It is their duty to the world to show they are the greatest.
  • Jenn Decker broke down two Dynamite bouts, Orange Cassidy vs Fenix and Marko Stunt vs MJF. Stunt actually has a win over MJF on the indie scene.
  • MJF cut a promo from his throne about Jungle Boy. People view Jungle Boy as the underdog, but is he really? In reality, Jungle Boy was born into money and fame, has good looks, and is the breakout star of Jurassic Express. All of that fell into Jungle Boy’s lap. MJF will out-wrestle Jungle Boy to prove they are not on the same level.
  • Jon Moxley was excited to see Brodie Lee in AEW, but he is disappointed that Lee took the route of leading the Dark Order. Moxley refuses to lose and that has made him World Champion.

Being the Elite

“Monologue” - Being The Elite, Ep. 204 (here) featured:

  • Kenny Omega received a Zoom call. It turned out to be from Colt Cabana. Omega lost his cool. Cabana wanted to smooth things over between them. Colt thought he could be turned into a star if he was on BTE. Omega admitted that he sees a lot of himself in Colt, but he is afraid he will lose his spot to Colt. That’s what happened in his tag team with Hangman Page. Omega was supposed to be the star, but everyone chants for Hangman.
  • Matt Jackson was ridiculed by his wife for not taking the trash out. He faked banging his head into the wall and became a bloody mess. The trick worked, and his wife took out the garbage.
  • Back to Omega ranting about being the best in high school and losing his spot in a school play to Willem Dafoe. It has been hard for Omega to trust since then. Colt pointed out that Omega trusted him by opening up.
  • Isiah Kassidy figured out it was Hangman Page who put out the hit. Kassidy called Hangman to propose a challenge, Private Party vs Bonez the boogeyman & The Bear in a backyard match. If Private Party loses, Kassidy won’t ever ask Hangman to pay back the $12 from a long time ago.
  • Matt Hardy defined “color” as one of the terms of the inside. Color is the art of bleeding. Bleeding hard way is unintentional blood.
  • The Young Bucks showed off a new custom wrestling ring being built on their compound.
  • Back to Kenny and Colt. Omega is going to think up a cool new angle for Colt on BTE to hand over the spotlight. Omega was thinking long-term, but Colt was a little sad that it would take five months or longer. Omega wants to wait until the viewers forget about this conversation.
  • Justin Roberts looked around like a goof with picture-in-picture memories of the Librarians and Nick Jackson.
  • Hangman Page had a monologue about staying hydrated outdoors, so he drank his own urine. He rambled on for about 7 minutes. After seeing an eagle settle in its nest, he considered maybe it is time for him to go home.

We’ll close with couple loose items. Cody Rhodes has a custom weight belt ready for Double or Nothing.

Pre-orders are open for AEW’s toy line.

Excalibur shared the story of naming PAC’s Brutalizer finisher.

I wonder how many maneuvers were named spur of the moment like that. Brutalizer definitely fits with the way PAC treats his opponents. Thumbs up to the masked announcer.

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