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Matt Hardy is praying for a rebirth of Vanguard 1

On last week’s AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle brutally attacked Vanguard 1. The drone was destroyed in a tear-jerking moment. Yesterday, Matt Hardy laid his friend to rest, but it may not be the end for Vanguard.

As Hardy placed Vanguard’s broken pieces inside a toolbox and lowered the drone into the pool, he gave an impassioned speech.

“You always said, Vanguard, if you perish in The Great War, that you want to be laid to rest in your favorite box of tools. I respect that. I even filled up the fountain with your favorite champagne. And no, it is not that disgusting bubbly from the hole of the ass. I would never do that. Your favorite champagne... (sob, sob, sob)

Today is about honoring you, and I feel so guilty, Vanguard. Why did you confront the Inner Circle without me? There was five of them and only one of you. You were always so foolhardy, but a warrior. I am going to submerge you in the reservoir of altering rebirth and I pray to The Seven Deities that they shall return you to me, Vanguard. You were my best friend.”

Nothing is ever as it seems in the Broken Universe. It is very possible that Vanguard 1 rises from his watery tomb. If so, then I fear for Floyd. I never thought I’d be typing about a fight between a drone and a baseball bat.

Hardy has vowed punishment and he will get his chance tonight against Sammy Guevara on Dynamite. It will be interesting to observe the mood and state of mind of Hardy. The outcome could provide an edge in the Stadium Stampede between the Inner Circle and the Elite at Double or Nothing on May 23. Hardy may not be mentally focused due to deep sadness or he may be so consumed with rage that he injures Sammy before the big brawl.

Could we see the return of Vanguard 1 at Double or Nothing? What if Vanguard is reincarnated as a helicopter?

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