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ROH Classics: Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi slugfest, Daniel Bryan epic three-way, more!

Ring of Honor wrapped up their Month of Honor gimmick with more classic matches posted on their YouTube channel. This week’s offerings include the Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi slugfest, Daniel Bryan vs Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels in a barn burner, and more.

We’ll start with Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi from the ROH: Joe vs. Kobashi event in 2005. This epic clash is the textbook definition of a slobberknocker. They beat the stuffing out of each other with brutal chops, suplexes, and submissions. It earned the honor of Match of the Year in 2005 from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Month of Honor version was presented as a watch-along with Ian Riccaboni and Todd Sinclair. Sinclair was the referee for the featured bout. He provided a couple of tales about Pro Wrestling NOAH officials checking with him to gauge if the fix was in against Kobashi and seeing Joe in the locker room completely spent after the match. If you aren’t interested in the side commentary, you can also watch this bout in the 3 Brutal Samoa Joe Matches collection.

Joe and Kobashi put on a heck of a fight. It is deserving of your full attention if you haven’t watched before. My favorite part was seeing the fans react to Kobashi. The crowd’s energy made it feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event they were witnessing. Now that we’re in the empty arena era during the coronavirus pandemic, the comparison truly shows how big a role spectator noise plays when at its peak of excitement.

The other fantastic match that caught my eye was the three-way between Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan), Low Ki, and Christopher Daniels from 2002. It was the first main event in ROH history. It’s wild to observe how smooth Danielson and Low Ki were in their early 20’s. It is also enjoyable to see young CD. He’s cool in AEW right now, but he’s not the same in the ring as he used to be.

The rest of the bouts posted this week were:

  • World Championship Ringmaster’s Challenge: Chris Hero vs Adam Cole - Day 2 of ROH Raising the Bar 2014 (here)
  • Television Championship: Adam Cole vs Marty Scurll - ROH Supercard of Honor XI (here)
  • Dalton Castle vs Silas Young - Fight Without Honor 2016 (here)
  • Mark Haskins vs Silas Young - ROH War of the Worlds UK 2017 (here)

This week’s The Honor List put the spotlight on wrestlers you didn’t know appeared in ROH. The moments that stuck out were Foley fighting Samoa Joe, Ricky Steamboat in a storyline with CM Punk, and an I Quit cowbell match with Dusty Rhodes.

The full list is as follows:

9. Sami Callihan
8. Eddie Guerrero
7. Abyss
6. Luchasaurus
5. Mick Foley
4. Ricky Steamboat
3. Keith Lee
2. Christian Cage
1. Dusty Rhodes

We’ll close with another sale from the ROH shop.

Which ROH matches will you be checking out? What memories do you have from those bouts?