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Lucha Libre Roundup: Flashback to Sting in AAA, Torneo Supremo, more!

Welcome to the Lucha Libre Roundup. AAA Lucha Fighter rumbles toward the finale, the Torneo Supremo indie tournament is underway, and let’s go back in time to visit Sting in his first match in Mexico.

We’ll start with a reminder that AAA Lucha Fighter week 3 is tonight. The show will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube at 9 pm ET. This is the semifinal week. We should get four singles bouts from the remaining men’s field of Chessman, LA Park, Pagano, Pentagon, Hijo del Vikingo, Dr. Wagner Jr., Texano, and Psycho Clown. Two women’s bouts should also be on the card between Big Mami, Lady Maravilla, Lady Shani, and La Hiedra. If you missed the action up to this point, get caught up on week 1 and week 2.

Sting south of the border

Did you know Sting wrestled for AAA?

Sting partook in Héroes Inmortales back in 2011. His opponent was Mesias (aka Mil Muertes). I had no clue that took place until Mesias posted a poster from the event.

That matchup sounds cool, so, of course, I had to dig up video to watch. The bout isn’t anything special, but it is a cool piece of history to relive.

Sting vs Mesias was billed as a dream match. Sting was adorned in his Joker face paint. The early big moves came from Mesias on a DDT and a backcracker. Sting came back with a gorilla press slam off the turnbuckles.

Jeff Jarrett and his TNA crew made their way ringside midway through. The story was Sting as a hired gun to take out Mesias. Sting wasn’t on board with that plan. Nick Aldis entered the ring advising Sting to use a chair. Sting accepted the steel then smashed Aldis instead. A shoving match ensued between Sting and Jarrett. That led to Sting and Mesias joining forces to clean house. The two icons shook hands as the bout ended in a no contest.

Like I said earlier, this match won’t knock your socks off. It is still interesting to watch the clash of immortal heroes and parade of familiar faces. Too bad we haven’t perfected time travel yet to get prime Sting versus Mil Muertes. That would be awesome.

Torneo Supremo

Mas Lucha has been airing a tournament with independent luchadores. They post one match nightly on the Mas Lucha YouTube channel. Popular names include Aramis, Super Nova, Ricky Marvin, Miedo Extremo, Arez, and Ciclope.

Each contest is in the 8-12 minute range and receives the full production treatment with a tale of the tape, pre-match promos, and post-match interviews. Seven of the eight first round bouts have been aired to date. Aramis vs Jitsu (here) was my favorite of the bunch. Camuflaje vs Hop Hop Man (here) was also quite enjoyable.

Results will be posted underneath the bracket.

Mas Lucha

Demonio Infernal defeated Ciclope (video). Top moves were a suicide dive tackle by Ciclope and a false finish sequence of a Mexican Destroyer from Ciclope, kick out, crucifix pin from Demonio, kick out. The ending was confusing from a story perspective, since I don’t know the indie storylines. Ciclope was in control when Jitsu and Miedo Extremo came out as a distraction to Ciclope. Ciclope and Miedo Extremo are (were?) tag team partners. Demonio used the opportunity for an inverted slam maneuver, but Miedo Extremo pulled the referee out of the ring on the cover. Ciclope rebounded with an armbar, however, the ref was still missing. Jitsu ran in for a running knee to Ciclope. Demonio finished the job with a Michinoku Driver for the upset.

Ricky Marvin defeated Miedo Extremo (video). Marvin worked Miedo Extremo’s legs, while Miedo Extremo worked Marvin’s arms. In the end, Marvin won via leg lock submission with focus on the knee.

Arez defeated Payaso Purasanta Jr. (video). Top spot was a flying guillotine leg drop from Payaso to the outside. The finish looked very cool. Arez locked in a standing cloverleaf. Payaso crawled to the corner and up the turnbuckles to try to escape. Arez yanked Payaso back down to the mat with the submission still intact. Arez wrapped his legs around Payaso’s body for extra oomph to earn the submission victory.

Aramis defeated Jitsu (video). Jitsu started with fire on a suicide cannonball. This bout had a quick pace with lots of action. Aramis took the win with a kick combo then a spinning sitdown fireman’s carry slam.

Fresero Jr. defeated Corsario Negro Jr. (video). This was a more grounded affair between two of the beefier men in the tournament. Fresero rammed Corsario with a Tres Amigos suplex train to win.

Super Nova defeated Hijo del Alebrije (video). Lots of flash in this bout with a corkscrew plancha, suicide dive, springboard moonsault, and Mexican Destroyer. Nova worked the most rudo of all the bouts. He tried to remove Alebrije’s mask. Nova came out on top after a standing Spanish Fly then transitioning into an armbreaker submission.

Hip Hop Man defeated Camuflaje (video). This bout was banging with a fallaway slam, springboard reverse shoulder block, airplane spin slam, flying hurricanrana off the apron, slingshot elbow drop, flying elbow drop, and moonsault. The finish began when Hip Hop Man used an eye poke to set up a superplex. Hip Hop Man then tried Three Amigos, but Camuflaje countered into a suplex of his own. Hip Hop Man escaped to set up a sitdown crucifix powerbomb for the win.

The final first round bout is tonight at 11 pm ET as Hijo del Pirata Morgan wrestles Metaleón.

We’ll close with a post from Marco Corleone.

I can’t tell if Corleone is referring to having shredded abs from his in-ring days or teasing a return to action inside the ropes. If Corleone is feeling healthy, I’d love to see him soar through the air in a lucha libre ring again. That dude has rock star status in Mexico.

If Sting returned to Mexico for one more match, who would you want as his opponent? Who are you picking to win the Torneo Supremo? Which promotion you like to see Marco Corleone return to?