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Hangman Page’s monologue from the latest BTE is a ride, y’all

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For the second week in a row, Hangman Page stole the show for me on Being The Elite.

With episode 203, it was because his “gets drunk and lives in the woods” bit made me laugh. With episode 204, it’s because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the seven minute, episode-closing monologue that gives the latest edition of The Young Bucks’ YouTube show its title since I first watched it yesterday afternoon.

Page’s promo - if you can even call it a promo - is a ride, y’all. He’s talking about returning to AEW television for the first time in almost two months, but he’s also talking about the fears human beings experience at the best of times, and how those have been enhanced by life during a pandemic. He metaphorically reminds us about the storyline which has been going on between him and the other members of The Elite since the launch of AEW, at the same time that he’s inviting all of us to question our place in the world. He’s leading by example by examining his privilege and striving to be grateful, but showing us it’s natural to fail at that sometimes.

It all leads up to a punchline that’s funny, but also melancholy, maybe even nihilistic. And the whole thing is delivered perfectly.

When people make lofty statements about elevating the artform of pro wrestling, this is what they’re talking about. At least I think so. Or maybe I’m just full of crap.

Anybody else gonna stop worrying about their responsibility to the world for a few minutes and cheer in their living room tomorrow or Saturday when Hangman Page fights through his self-doubt and returns on Dynamite or at Double or Nothing?