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Lucha Libre Roundup: Pagano’s new theme song, Ricky Marvin wins Torneo Supremo, more!

Welcome to the Lucha Libre Roundup. It was a slow week on the AAA and CMLL beat, so let’s go over some fun items. Pagano has a new tune, Rush did a rapid-fire Q&A mentioning if he would ever return to CMLL, and Ricky Marvin was triumphant in the Torneo Supremo.

Pagano has a new theme song in Spanish from Lyann D Linares. It has a snappy beat.

Last week passed the anniversary of AAA’s birth on May 15, 1992. Konnan teased a funny story that he’ll hopefully tell one day soon.

Congratulations AAA. 28 years ago, Antonio Peña invited me with Octagon to form this new company. Here we continue at home proud of what we are today. Many have asked me why I was not in the 1st function (show)... I had been deported from Mexico. One day I will tell it.

Good thing for Konnan that he could grease some palms in those days and return like normal. That must be why Konnan’s character has so much pent up aggression toward Mexico and is always bringing in foreigners to take over AAA.

Taya had a funny caption for a photo of Daga and Dr. Wagner Jr.

Rush attempted the 100 questions in 5 minutes challenge.

He didn’t make it under 5 minutes, but he did provide some interesting answers. Here are the responses I think you’ll enjoy.

  • Greatest achievement? Being the first Mexican to win the ROH World Championship.
  • Return to CMLL? Why not.
  • Favorite actor? Jim Carrey.
  • Rush would be an MMA fighter if he wasn’t a luchador.
  • Favorite food? Camarones a la Diabla (a spicy shrimp dish).
  • Favorite smell? His woman.
  • Guilty pleasure? Tres leches cake.
  • Favorite superhero? Batman.
  • Favorite car? Lincoln Nautilus.
  • Favorite cartoon? Dragon Ball Z.
  • CMLL, AAA, or ROH? ROH.
  • Favorite arena? Arena Mexico.
  • Favorite dog breed? Siberian Husky.

Torneo Supremo

The Torneo Supremo from Mas Lucha wrapped up. The entire tournament can be viewed on the Mas Lucha YouTube channel. Get caught up on the first round and second round. Let’s jam on the semifinals and final.

Semifinal: Demonio Infernal defeated Arez (video). The first big spot was when Arez tried a wrap-around-the-post hurricanrana, but Demonio caught him for a powerbomb onto the apron. Later, Arez returned the favor with a powerbomb of his own onto the apron. Other highlights include a moonsault by Arez to the floor and a slingshot splash by Arez. In end, Arez crushed Demonio with a powerbomb and stacked on top for the pin, however, Demonio kicked out at two and transitioned into a roll-up for the surprise victory.

Semifinal: Ricky Marvin defeated Aramis (video). Marvin’s legs had been worked over in the previous two rounds, so Aramis immediately attacked with focus on the lower limbs. Aramis kept up the pressure with a Code Red, rolling German suplex, sitdown driver slam, and flying double stomp, but he couldn’t put Marvin away. Marvin turned the tide when Aramis ran into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the corner. Marvin used his second wind to hit a DDT and a flying DDT. In the end, Marvin connected on a twisting suplex into a cradle driver then another DDT to transition into a roll-up win.

Final: Ricky Marvin defeated Demonio Infernal (video). Time for the tale of the tape.

Mas Lucha TV

The final lasted about 10 minutes. Demonio attacked Marvin’s legs to start the match. Marvin fired back with a series of clotheslines. Against better judgement, Marvin hit Demonio with a jumping knee strike. That did more harm to Marvin’s leg. Demonio was back on top with a twisting suplex. The fight raged on. Highlights include a super front suplex by Marvin, a seated DDT by Marvin, and a sitdown powerbomb by Demonio. In the end, Marvin nailed a DDT, but Demonio popped up for a big clothesline. Marvin kicked out at two. Demonio ran the ropes. Marvin rolled him into an STF submission to win.

Ricky Marvin is the supreme winner. I believe he was the favorite going in, according to fans. In my book, Demonio Infernal was the Cinderella making it all the way to the final. Marvin’s tender legs made it a good story as to not knowing who would win. Marvin as the victor gives the tournament a little bit of legitimacy if it returns next year. Overall, Torneo Supremo was solid. It provided exposure to talent during a slow time in lucha libre.

Did any of the luchadores in the Torneo Supremo impress you? Who would you like to see more of?

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