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MLW Roundup: LA Park Anthology, Contra ends Kotto’s career, more!

Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s debut episode of MLW Anthology.

MLW Anthology debut

With the coronavirus pandemic causing cancellations of MLW’s live shows to tape TV content, MLW has pivoted their efforts to provide entertainment. Tonight is the debut of MLW Anthology. The new series will spotlight rivalries, legends, and classics with footage spanning back to 2002.

LA Park is the topic for the first episode. Anthology will contain vintage bouts of Park against Shocker and Sabu. A beloved name from the past will be calling the action.

The preview also teases the aftermath of Contra Unit taking over. It sounds like we’ll get a mix of new promos with anthology footage as the format. CEO Court Bauer also teased something special at the end of the broadcast.

MLW’s weekly program (Fusion and Anthology) airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm ET, or 10 pm ET on some weeks. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is broadcast in over 20 countries.

Contra takeover ends Kotto Brazil’s career

At the end of last week’s Fusion, Josef Samael revealed that the Contra Unit seized power from MLW in a hostile takeover. The attacks stretched from Mexico to MLW’s New York offices. The news update revealed:

While the MLW production crew prepared Court Bauer for a remote interview on last night’s FUSION revealing the next Super Series live from his office, Josef Samael flanked by the Sentai Death Squad stormed his office. Before the broadcast could go live, Samael and his “crusaders” had compromised the broadcast feed.

MLW worked to regain access to from Contra hackers, but the physical headquarters is another story.

Presently the Sentai Death Squad are on guard outside MLW headquarters where Samael and others are believed to be.

MLW even went to Twitter to take back their account.

I can imagine a Twitter employee reading that message and being dumbfounded about what is going on.

MLW is currently operating remotely to provide the fans with news and content, such as MLW Anthology.

With total power, Samael has gone mad. He is changing the Spanish language spelling.

At least his laugh is still in Spanish.

Contra’s attacks are equal opportunity. Injustice was served justice and felt Contra’s wrath when Kotto Brazil was critically injured in Tijuana. The press release states:

Kotto Brazil’s career in Major League Wrestling is over.

An improvised explosive device is the culprit. Myron Reed is expected to speak his mind about the incident on MLW Anthology.

Damn. When your contract is up with MLW, they don’t mess around. I assume that’s what is happening here. When the Lucha Bros left, they were fireballed by Contra. Air Wolf was out, and MLW wrote him off with permanent injury at the hands of the Sentai Death Squad. Now, Kotto is done.

Something smells fishy. I’m going to start my investigative journalist career by demanding photos of Court Bauer’s alleged injuries from the New York headquarters infiltration. If Bauer has no visible damage, then he becomes the prime suspect as the inside rat helping Contra.

Quick hits

LA Park has an ultimatum for MLW. He is demanding a championship shot, whether for the World Heavyweight belt or a tag team gold.

Los Parks are super upset. They will humiliate the little gringo wrestlers, because they are the world’s best tag team. They are coming for you, gringos.

Richard Holliday is still hammering on about getting MLW to officially recognize his reign with the Caribbean Championship.

The Von Erichs are ready to do some Spring cleaning on Team Filthy.

When I saw this next tweet from AEW’s Brandi Rhodes, I automatically assumed Richard Holliday would be the guest.

Brandi is most likely talking about Tony Schiavone, but that shows the power of Holliday marketing his personality as a coffee enthusiast.

The MLW Radio Network is now on Twitter. Check it out if you want wrestling podcast updates. They have a new Spring lineup with the return of the Talk’n Shop podcast hosted by “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson, “The Big LG” Doc Gallows, & Rocky Romero. Dutch Mantell also has a new show.

We’ll close with a message of thanks from Court Bauer to fans who purchased merch.


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