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NWA Super Powerrr recap: Nick Aldis made a fool of Marty Scurll

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NWA came back with a Super Powerrr special. The show was an extended episode featuring Kamille’s first match, the Rock N’ Roll Express in action, Thunder Rosa stirring the pot for her next challenger, Tim Storm settling a personal grudge, and Nick Aldis clashing with Marty Scurll in tag team action.

This episode of Super Powerrr was supposed to be the go-home show before Crockett Cup 2020 was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Billy Corgan opened the show with a tease of a special announcement about the future of the NWA.

Marty Scurll and Brody King went to the podium. When you mess with the Villain, you mess with Villain Enterprises. King declared that Nick Aldis time as Worlds Champ is up.

Kamille vs Madi Maxx

In Kamille’s first match, she steamrolled Maxx. Kamille was victorious via spear.

Kamille speaks! She is here to end everyone.

I already covered Kamille’s match and promo package when it was featured as a special episode from NWA. Get those details here.

A commercial played from Austin Idol, professional wrestling psychologist. Call 555-GET-HEAT for the tricks of the trade to getting heat.

Sean Mooney interviewed the Rock N’ Roll Express at the podium. They hyped the Crockett Cup tag team tournament.

Rock N’ Roll Express vs Aron Stevens & ¿Question Mark?

This was a comedy bout. Whenever ¿Question Mark? had Ricky Morton down, he would tag in Stevens. Morton would get momentum on Stevens, then the third degree black belt would tag out. Stevens did get the upper hand with a poke to the eye though. At that point, Trevor Murdoch came down to the ring. Stevens introduced an insurance policy to counter Murdoch’s presence. Meet ¿Question Mark Jr.?

It looked like Brian Milonas under the mask. In the end, Rock N’ Roll Express tabletopped Stevens for the win.

Recap of Zicky Dice winning the TV title on episode 20 of Powerrr. Dice gloated that we all knew he would become the new champ.

Thunder Rosa makes a challenge

Melina came to the podium to pitch her case to become Thunder Rosa’s next title challenger. Melina thought there would be an arrangement (throwing the fight?) in her last match against Rosa. When she realized that Rosa was not in agreement, Melina took the strategic approach of exiting the ring for a count-out to protect herself. She then talked about Allysin Kay being a disgrace for wanting another shot despite two losses to Rosa.

Kay entered the scene. She never made excuses for losing the first time. In the rematch, she accused Melina and Marti Belle of shenanigans. Kay would rather get her hands on cowardly Melina.

Thunder Rosa was introduced to give her opinion as Women’s Champ. She received loud cheers from the crowd. She is ready for anyone the NWA sends. Rosa wants to be a clean champion. She proposed a triple threat against Kay and Melina.

Tony Falk was back with another commercial for Waffles and Tire Irons. Buy 3 gluten free waffles and get 4 tire irons for free.

Tim Storm vs Jax Dane

This no DQ match had the extra stipulation that Storm gets five minutes with Danny Deals if he wins and Dane gets an NWA contract if he wins. Dane attacked right as Storm came out from the curtain. Dane hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex in the ring. Storm got back on track by reversing an Irish whip into the ring steps. The two then brawled up the stairs and back down across the ring area. Dane won the exchange with a crushing belly-to-belly on the floor.

For the finish, Storm dodged Dane who charged headfirst into a steel chair. Storm hit the Perfect Storm swinging slam to win.

Storm earned his chance to pummel Danny Deals. Deals put on his Mama Storm outfit. Storm destroyed Deals with a Perfect Storm. The fans chanted for more, so Storm obliged with a second Perfect Storm before exiting triumphantly.

May’s Diary

May Valentine was distraught over Royce Isaacs being jealous of Sal Rinauro. Royce tried to break Rinauro’s arm. May doesn’t know how to deal with Royce’s jealousy. She is pure and doesn’t appreciate accusations of funny business with Sal on the side.

Marti Belle vs Tasha Steelz vs Ashley Vox

This was a true three-way without anyone taking a powder. In the end, Vox had Steelz in a submission, but Belle slammed Vox with a frontward Russian leg sweep. Steelz surprised Belle with a facebreaker to win.

Eli Drake & James Storm with Eddie Kingston

The trio hit the podium with Dave Marquez. Their alliance came together because they respect each other just wanting to fight. Kingston needs to refocus on getting Pope. Storm is a grown man who loves beating ass. Drake brought the attention over to the Crockett Cup. He put out an open challenge for their tag team titles.

Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer vs Marty Scurll & Brody King

Aldis and Scurll played games about avoiding action. Instead, they let the bulls collide. King was getting the better of Latimer. Scurll then played fakeout tricks trying to convince the referee that Aldis was acting dirty. Villain Enterprises went to work on Latimer. Latimer gained control on Scurll, which led to a hot tag to King for a teamwork sunset flip German suplex to Latimer and a piledriver to Aldis. Scurll was ready to pounce with a chickenwing to Aldis, but Kamille and Royce Isaacs caused distractions. In the end, Latimer nailed King with a low blow then Aldis came crashing down with a flying elbow drop to pin King.

Billy Corgan’s announcement

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NWA isn’t presenting new wrestling events. They have worked too hard to fold the NWA. Corgan went back to an idea to create a new series called Carnyland. It is impossible to explain what the show is about. Carnyland debuts next Tuesday (May 19) at 6:05 pm ET on the NWA YouTube channel.

It is was nice seeing NWA action once again. They have a unique style with Powerrr that is unlike any other promotion today. Super Powerrr picked up with the same throwback vibe that has become so enjoyable with a perfect blend of comedy and serious action.

Nick Aldis once again showed why he is the king of the NWA. Marty Scurll thought he could waltz in with his heavy hitter Brody King and teach Aldis a lesson. Not so fast, my friend. Aldis had his bases covered and outsmarted Scurll in the end. Scurll played his little games and came out the fool as Aldis used his Strictly Business reinforcements when it mattered most. The fans in attendance were strongly behind Villain Enterprises, but I’m 100% standing with Aldis’ crew. Alas, it will be a long wait until we finally get Aldis vs Scurll one-on-one for the Worlds Championship.

Thunder Rosa is the most over woman in the NWA, and deservedly so. She’s there for competition and to prove she is the best. Simple and relatable. Hopefully her confidence want bite her by taking on more than she can chew. I’d keep my eye on a swerve alliance between Melina and Allysin Kay. Melina is a schemer, and I think Kay realizes deep down that Rosa has her number.

Tim Storm handled his business against Jax Dane. NWA has done a good job of giving Storm stories to work with after losing the right to compete against Aldis for the Worlds Championship again. The parts with Danny Deals as Mama Storm were silly, but it led to a satisfying beatdown. This was my first time seeing Dane. He brought a rugged element needed for the roster. I look forward to more from Dane in the NWA.

Share your thoughts on Super Powerrr. What was your favorite moment? Which match stole the show?