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I’m still crying over the death of Vanguard 1

AEW on Twitter

I don’t know how I’m holding it together here.

Everything with tonight’s (May 13) episode of AEW Dynamite was going just fine, until Chris Jericho was once again confronted by his primary nemesis, Vanguard 1.

Vanguard 1 always demonstrated pure loyalty to Matt Hardy, shunning all of Jericho’s previous (and highly tempting) recruitment efforts into the Inner Circle. Jericho finally smartened up and realized that it was never going to happen, so he laid a lethal trap for the drone.

The Inner Circle introduced Vanguard 1 to their newest member, Chris Jericho’s bat, Floyd. And then, I just, I mean, it all happened so fast. One second Vanguard 1 was virile and strong and unflinching, and the next second Vanguard 1 was shattered into pieces, showing no signs of life. It was the saddest moment in the history of AEW.

Some people wanted to know how Chris Jericho could go back to being the most evil wrestler on the AEW roster after having so much fun on commentary throughout April, as well airing those uplifting Bubbly Bunch segments. Well, he erased all of those happy moments with just a few heartless swings of a baseball bat.

If I can’t stop the tears from flowing, can you imagine what Matt Hardy must be going through right now?

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