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AEW is going to have a match inside a football stadium

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The Inner Circle and The Elite didn’t get to have a brutal and violent battle at Blood & Guts, but they will go to war in a Stadium Stampede match. Vanguard-1 came out to accept Chris Jericho’s challenge on behalf of the Elite, and it will take place on pay-per-view at Double or Nothing, on May 23. The match will take place inside a giant 80,000 seat football stadium, which we got a brief taste of last week in a wild street fight featuring Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Kenny Omega, and Matt Hardy.

After Vanguard-1 accepted the match, Jericho introduced Matt Hardy’s drone to the newest member of the Inner Circle, his bat Floyd. Jericho and the other members of the Inner Circle battered Vanguard-1 into pieces, leaving Matt Hardy to pick up the shattered pieces.

Those assholes don’t realize what they’ve done here, and I think an ass kicking is coming their way at Double or Nothing.

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