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Cody burst into Dynamite with a truck

Jake Roberts opened tonight’s (May 13) Dynamite with a promo where he refused to apologize for draping his snake on top of Brandi Rhodes last week.

He doubled down on his disgusting actions by offering words dripping in misogyny, explaining that a woman’s role was to be at home cooking and keeping him warm. He even suggested that watching Lance Archer in action gets him excited enough to perform sexually.

Cody then burst into Daily’s Place in a truck, and drove at least a few feet before exiting the vehicle.

He stormed the ring and attacked Archer. Archer somehow shook off a tossed chair that bounced off his head. Both stars went back and forth with teases of hitting their big moves, but Roberts advised his client to back off and save Cody’s annihilation for another time. It wasn’t visibly clear just how excited Jake got from watching his man in action here.

Cody and Archer are on a collision course for the TNT championship at Double or Nothing on May 23, in what could possibly be the main event of the card. Did this angle get you more interested in their upcoming match on pay-per-view?

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