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AEW Rewind: Casino Ladder Match participants, Brodie Lee beating up a bully, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

Darby Allin was the first contestant revealed for the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing on May 23. The winner will receive a World Championship shot.

This could be an interesting workaround for Darby not being able to win the big match. Earning a title shot in the ladder match could be a big step on his path of redemption.

Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy, and Fenix were also announced as participants for the Casino Ladder Match. It’s looking like a very entertaining group who have no problem risking their bodies for big bumps.

Chris Jericho is going to make Pineapple Pete famous.

Le Champion is not wrong. It’s funny how he got Suge D over with a silly nickname. Jericho truly has the Midas touch.

Jungle Boy demonstrated how Sammy Guevara should have handled that attack from the golf cart.

“A Shot of Brandi,” (here) had QT Marshall as the guest. They drank apple martinis and tried to make mini apple pies. QT told a story about about receiving a $20 tip as a bartender after flexing his pecs to an upset customer. Later, Brandi asked QT how far he thinks Lance Archer will go in the TNT Championship tournament. I’m not sure when this was taped, but most likely before the tournament began. QT replied, “Yeah, I think he’s going to win it.” Brandi shot him a look for not picking Cody.

Road to...

AEW’s, “Road to Double or Nothing,” (here) featured:

  • Jungle Boy chatted with Cody Rhodes. Double or Nothing will be Jungle Boy’s first singles PPV ever. He looked to Cody for advice against MJF. Don’t put pressure on yourself. MJF’s strengths are counters and perseverance. Don’t fall into MJF’s games in the lead up to the PPV.
  • Jenn Decker provided a Dynamite analysis on the women’s four-way and Elite vs Inner Circle tag match.
  • Tony Schiavone interviewed Dasha Gonzalez. Tony put her over as a microbiology major, Marine Corps ROTC, gymnast, and beauty pageant queen. She got in the wrestling business by applying online. She has some wrestling training and is interested in getting back in the ring. Gonzalez will also be a contestant on The Rock’s The Titan Games.
  • Suge D spoke about his career. He’s had friends who have been signed and are breaking barriers, while he’s still on the indies. If he gave up, he’ll never know how close he was to making it. He credits Chris Jericho for calling him Pineapple Pete for the world to know who he is. That was his ray of light after 16 years in the dark.
  • Dark Order creepers were handing out flyers when a bully pushed them around. Mr. Brodie Lee was driving by and tried to smooth out the situation. The bully mouthed off, so Mr. Brodie beat him up. As Mr. Brodie walked away, he gave the signal to Preston Vance and a stomping commenced on the bully.

The Dark Order segment was interesting. It added depth to Mr. Brodie. He stood up for his followers, and it looks like he means what he says about standing together. It was a minor moment that made me cheer him. Nobody is going to feel bad for that punk who was manhandled. He deserved what he was served. This also showed why his followers continue to follow. While Mr. Brodie’s love may be tough, it is still love.

Being the Elite

“Living In The Woods” - Being The Elite, Ep. 203 (here) featured:

  • Matt Jackson made breakfast for his kids. All they got was toast. Quarantine was driving him crazy. Matt hallucinated FTR on the toast.
  • The Young Bucks chatted about being in quarantine. Matt appreciated spending time with his kids. Nick Jackson mentioned how they have to return to AEW. He is tired of seeing the Inner Circle stand tall. Matt won’t let Nick come back yet. Nick is only at 60% health.
  • Brandon Cutler’s exercise routine was interrupted by a phone call from Peter Avalon. Avalon made fun of Cutler’s efforts in the Kickout Challenge. Cutler nominated Avalon to give it a try.
  • Broken Matt Hardy defined the wrestling term powder. It is when a wrestler leaves the ring to come up with a new strategy, he is legitimately injured, or he is a cowardly chickenshit bad guy.
  • Christopher Daniels provided a hack for a quarantine mask. You need hair ties and a bandana. Fold the bandana into thirds. Use the ties at the ends to place them over your ears. This trick got CD through the airport.
  • Hangman Page realizes he wasn’t doing enough to protect people from the coronavirus, so he went to go live drunk in the woods. Hangman was hungry and decided to catch a squirrel. Success, but the meat tasted gross.
  • Peter Avalon was ambushed by BTE production staff to partake in the Kickout Challenge. Avalon lost the last attempt to a roll-up
  • Frankie Kazarian and Scoprio Sky played quarters. Kaz won. CD felt left out.
  • Justin Roberts had his hair up and looked around.
  • Marq Quen woke up from falling on the brick. He realized it was the teddy bear who beat them up.
  • Back to Hangman. He phoned to inquire about the hit he put out on Private Party. Hangman was pleased to hear the news.
  • Marko Stunt received a note in a White Claw can. It looked like a treasure map. It was to find Jurassic Express. Someone was observing out the window. To be continued...
  • The Bucks played tennis. Matt was talked a big game then was dominated. He ran into the back fence and was bloodied up. Matt continued despite the accident. His brothers gave up to save Matt from himself, who was bleeding even more now.
  • Kenny Omega was fishing for compliments about his street fight. It was his first one, and he was more concerned that he looked like a street fighter rather than the result of the match. Alex Marvez, Chuck Taylor, and Harrington all had turns saying they could tell it was Omega’s first street fight. Omega was increasingly frustrated at not hearing that he looked legit. Colt Cabana was last. Omega chased him away.

We’ll close with MJF being taken out of context as thinking of Jimmy Havoc while having sex. It started innocently enough when MJF put over Havoc and Luther with backhanded compliments for their main event match on AEW Dark.

Havoc touched a nerve by playing spelling police on scared instead of scarred.

Havoc found consolation in the fact that MJF thought about him while getting freaky with his admirers.

I hope AEW turns this conversation into a cartoon.

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