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Impact re-signs two oddballs

Impact is bringing back two of their more unique characters. Su Yung and Crazzy Steve both signed new contracts.

Su Yung had been a free agent since March. Now she has two contracts with Impact. One for Su, and one for Susie.

Susie is Su’s alter ego of innocence. Both Su and Susie wrestle as separate people, even though, everyone on the roster knows they are one in the same. Despite Susie’s sweet demeanor, she is a tough cookie when it comes to getting her money.

Su’s last storyline was fighting Havok in the Undead Realm as James Mitchell was murdered. It felt like closure to the Undead Realm saga for Su. It will be interesting to see where the double character goes from here. Her two main rivals have new stories as well. Rosemary is drowning her sorrows by boozing and consuming souls. Havok had a friend from the past show up in Nevaeh. If you missed the news last week, it was announced that another old friend of Havok signed with Impact. Kimber Lee is on the roster. She wrestles Havok tonight on Impact Wrestling.

The other looney tune to sign with Impact is Crazzy Steve.

Steve made a surprise appearance as a mystery partner for Tommy Dreamer & Rhino against oVe at Rebellion. Impact has been using more TNA talent as of late due to rumored pops in the ratings for vintage acts. They even went so far as to bring back the TNA Heavyweight Championship in the hands of Moose. Steve seems like a perfect candidate for an unofficial title defense. Moose already has his plate full tonight with a title bout against Suicide.

What plans would you like to see for Su Yung, Susie, and Crazzy Steve in Impact?

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