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NWA Powerrr returns tonight with Aldis vs Scurll in heated tag action

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NWA is back tonight with more Powerrr.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing NWA to postpone the Crockett Cup 2020, that caused them to delay their regular Powerrr programming. NWA returns tonight with a stacked Super Powerrr edition. It is headlined by Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll squaring off in the ring in tag team action and also an announcement from Billy Corgan about NWA’s future.

Super Powerrr debuts at 6:05 pm ET tonight (May 12) on the NWA YouTube channel. It was supposed to be the season three finale and go-home to the Crockett Cup. The lineup will be:

  • Strictly Business (Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer) vs Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King)
  • Rock N Roll Express vs Aron Stevens & ¿Question Mark?
  • No DQ: Tim Storm vs Jax Dane
  • Marti Belle vs Tasha Steelz vs Ashley Vox
  • Podium confrontation between Thunder Rosa, Allysin Kay, and Melina

Also mentioned in the preview are May’s Diary, an interview with Eli Drake, James Storm, and Eddie Kingston, and Kamille’s first match and interview. The Kamille stuff already aired in a special episode. It was enjoyable enough that I don’t mind seeing it twice.

If like you are like me, then the storyline details are a little hazy in your memory since the last Powerrr aired on March 3. Let’s roll through them quickly to cover the top three matches

Nick Aldis was scheduled to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Marty Scurll in the main event of the Crockett Cup 2020. That feud was set up in an interpromotional storyline as both men appeared on NWA and ROH programming. They bout was finally signed when Aldis accepted a $500,000 offer from Scurll. If Scurll loses, he will write a personal check to Aldis for that amount. The last time we saw them together, it was absolute chaos.

Aron Stevens and ¿Question Mark? want more belts. They have been denied a shot at tag team gold, so they called out Rock N Roll Express to bolster their case. A match was made. Stevens tried to bribe them by throwing the bout in exchange for roles in his movies. We’ll see if that tactic works.

Tim Storm had been pestered by a Mama Storm imposter over the weeks. The imposter was revealed to be Danny Deals, the man from the cheesy Highspots commercials. Deals’ angle was to bring in former rival Jax Dane. If Dane wins, then Storm has to get him an NWA contract. If Storm wins, then he gets five minutes to beat up Deals.

Super Powerrr will close with a special announcement from Billy Corgan about the future of NWA.

Which match are you most excited for in Super Powerrr?