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Sting to AEW?

Is there fire behind this smoke? We don’t know, but several people are blowing it around today (May 11)...

Last week, WWE (and TNA) Hall of Famer Sting tweeted a shout out to an old colleague who now works for AEW.

No big deal. Lots of people are happy Jake Roberts is healthy and getting another chance to connect with audiences on Dynamite, right?

A few days later, Sting replied to a tweet from Jake’s on-screen associate Lance Archer. The Stinger no-sold the dream match idea, but he did make sure to tag Tony Khan’s company this time...

Now, it’s come out that - despite being originally announced for the line - a Sting figure will not be part of Mattel’s upcoming WWE Legends series 7. And look who popped up in the replies to that bit of news...with a reaction meme:

Not for nothing, but when you can react with a meme of yourself reacting? That’s baller.

Anyway, there’s been no official confirmation Sting’s done with WWE, but Mattel’s announcement makes it sound like he might be - at least for now. Given Cody Rhodes & AEW’s love of all things JCP/WCW (not to mention their love of signing people they and fans believe were misused by WWE), it would not be a surprise to hear Tony Schiavone talking about The Franchise again some time soon.

Stay tuned.

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