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AAA Lucha Fighter tournament finale recap: Pentagon breaks Psycho Clown’s arm in an upset

AAA’s empty arena Lucha Fighter tournament returned for its climax. The finale crowned three winners for mini, women, and men categories. If you missed out on the action so far, get caught up with week 1, week 2, and week 3.

The finale had the following matchups:

  • Minis final: Laredo Boy vs Dinastia
  • Men’s semifinal: Chessman vs Psycho Clown
  • Men’s semifinal: Pentagon vs LA Park
  • Women’s final: La Hiedra vs Lady Shani
  • Men’s final: Psycho Clown vs Pentagon

Solid action all around with consistent quality across the board. The opener was flippy stuff to kick off with high energy. Chessman and Psycho took care of business. Pentagon and LA Park was entertaining, but the story was more about silly shenanigans. The women’s final was rugged. If you are going to only watch one match, I’d go with the men’s final. It had a bang-up finish, and it’s not very often that AAA puts two huge fan favorites against one another in singles battle.

Watch AAA’s Lucha Fighter finale here.

Jesus Zuniga welcomed us to the broadcast as emcee and ring announcer. Jose Manuel Guillen and Rafael Ayala handled commentary. Piero el Internacional and Copetes Salazar were the referees.

Konnan predicted a night of rudos. He sided with Chessman, LA Park, and La Hiedra. The minis are both tecnicos, so he hopes they hurt each other.

Let’s run through the notable moments and match finishes.

Minis final: Dinastia defeated Laredo Boy. The top highlight early was a springboard corkscrew moonsault from Dinastia.

Dinastia was too quick in the end. He executed a fancy German suplex using the ropes for momentum.

Dinastia followed with a springboard twisting splash to win.

Men’s semifinal: Psycho Clown defeated Chessman. The bout began with physical exchanges of ground and pound. Chessman used a cookie sheet for extra violence. Psycho came alive with a twisting crossbody and a cannonball off the ring post to the outside.

For the finish, Chessman missed a flying corkscrew. Psycho took advantage with a Code Red to win.

Men’s semifinal: Pentagon defeated LA Park. Park attacked Pentagon before the opening bell and taunted Pentagon’s Cero Miedo hand sign. Park also whipped Pentagon with his belt.

Referee shenanigans were early and often. Piero el Internacional would block Pentagon from punching with claims that Pentagon was using closed fists. Park accidentally punched Piero out of the ring. Pentagon hit them with a tope con hilo.

As Pentagon put both men back in the ring, Park rolled up on Piero’s knee. Whenever Pentagon went for a cover, Piero had to stop counting because he was in too much pain. When Park was on top, Piero tried for quick counts. Later, Park threw Pentagon onto Piero by accident. Park also unintentionally smashed Piero with an elbow drop.

With Piero down and out, Park kicked Pentagon in the cojones. Park wasted time showboating, revived Piero, then covered Pentagon. Pentagon kicked out. Park became angry at the ref and pushed him into the corner. Pentagon struck with a low blow. As payback to Park, Piero gave a fast three count on Pentagon’s winning roll-up.

Women’s final: Lady Shani defeated la Hiedra. Shani controlled the pace with a variety of submissions. After Oklahoma rolling around the ring, Shani locked in a bow and arrow variation to earn the tap out. I’m not sure what it would be called, but it looks cool.

Shani cut a promo after her victory. She thanked everyone for watching. It was an honor to participate in the tournament. Winning is the start of big things. She misses all her mini fans. They will be together soon.

Konnan was disappointed that all the tecnicos won. If Pentagon wants to turn rudo, Konnan will welcome him back.

Men’s final: Pentagon defeated Psycho Clown. The bout began as a stalemate of roll-ups, corner attacks, and signature maneuvers. Psycho hit the first big move with a suicide dive through the corner ropes. It was back and forth after that.

For the finish, Psycho struck with a Mexican Destroyer. Pentagon kicked out at two. Psycho went high risk for a flying splash, but Pentagon rolled out of the way. Pentagon snatched Psycho’s arm. SNAP! A package piledriver won the bout for the masked motocross ninja skeleton.

Pentagon grabbed a mic to point out how half the world cheers for Psycho, but the other half chants, “Cero miedo.” Pentagon is bringing a new style as a tecnico. He recognized Psycho’s skill. It was a privilege to compete against one of the best wrestlers in the world. Pentagon and Psycho shook hands out of respect. Psycho returned the favor to respect Pentagon’s win. One more handshake to close the show.

Dave the Clown was peeved that no rudos won.

The draw for the finale was LA Park versus Pentagon. While it wasn’t the epic encounter I was hoping for, it was still enjoyable with all the laughable referee hijinks. It was like watching the Keystone Cops when Park and Piero tried to rig the outcome. The low blow and fast count protected Park from losing clean and also sets up a potential big money rematch with Pentagon.

AAA caught me by surprise when Pentagon pulled out the win against Psycho Clown, especially with the armbreaker. In addition to breaking arms, Pentagon probably broke the record for chanting your own catchphrase in a single match. I loved Pentagon’s jubilation at winning to sell the importance of the moment. Now that Pentagon is Lucha Fighter champ, give him a Megacampeonato match against Kenny Omega.

AAA’s Lucha Fighter was a-okay overall. It delivered four weeks of entertaining lucha libre action. They provided big matchups and a fresh feeling of singles competition. All tecnicos coming out on top gave the fans at home a positive note during coronavirus quarantine.

Share your thoughts about the show. Which match was your favorite in the Lucha Fighter finale? Were you surprised at Pentagon’s success?

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