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MLW Fusion: Contra Unit seizes power in hostile takeover

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MLW closed out their Super Series against AAA in Tijuana, Mexico. Episode 109 of Fusion featured the main event of Los Parks versus Psycho Clown, Psicosis, & Niño Hamburguesa, Mance Warner issuing a crazy challenge to the Dynasty, and the Contra Unit seizing power in a cliffhanger.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Psycho Clown opened with a promo. He is going to shut LA Park’s mouth. Park will fall at Psycho’s feet.

LA Park returned verbal fire to Psycho. Park also stated that he will become the next MLW tag team champ with Hijo de LA Park. They are the best tag team in the world.

Alicia Atout interviewed Konnan about the success of the MLW vs AAA Super Series. Konnan said it doesn’t have to end here. The ball is in MLW’s court to do it again.

Dan Lambert filed a lawsuit demanding that Low Ki undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Lambert claims Low Ki is a danger to society.

Pagano is hardcore and always ready to party. Without a clown, there is no party.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic

The Dynasty was in Mance Warner’s hometown of Bucksnort, TN. The stench was so bad that Richard Holliday could not enjoy the taste of his coffee. Geno Medina mentioned rumors of a gator that does meth. Alexander Hammerstone came out of the woods excited about seeing a family of raccoons. He was disappointed that Holliday wouldn’t let him keep a raccoon.

PWI released their top 10 contenders to the MLW World Heavyweight Championship:
10. Dominic Garrini
9. Low Ki
8. Mance Warner
7. King Mo
6. Richard Holliday
5. Tom Lawlor
4. Brian Pillman Jr.
3. Myron Reed
2. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
1. Alexander Hammerstone
Champ: Jacob Fatu

Triple Tower of Doom

Mance Warner is pissed off. He did some drinking and thinking. Warner is going to climb the ladder to get all the gold in MLW. He issued a challenge to the Dynasty to compete in a Triple Tower of Doom. It would be Warner, Savio Vega, and maybe a third against Hammerstone, Holliday, and Medina with the National Openweight Championship, the Caribbean Championship, and Gino’s gold watch hung at the top of three cages stacked atop one another. The bottom level would be clean, the second level would have barb wire and light tubes, while the third level would have the prizes. Ole Mancer is going to hit the pay window and collect gold.

There was a recap of the Super Series results prior to the main event. The scoreboard has MLW up, 4-3.

Team AAA vs Los Parks

Team AAA was represented by Psycho Clown, Psicosis (aka Nicho el Millonario), and Niño Hamburguesa. Psycho was wearing the EMW Heavyweight Championship. Despite Psycho’s popularity, not everyone is a fan.


LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, and LA Park Jr. are Los Parks. Hijo and Jr. had title belts with them, but I’m not sure from where they originate. They currently hold the G21 Tag Team Championship and the Kaoz Trios Championship with Bestia del Ring. I also didn’t realize that LA Park’s MLW theme song had lyrics. Is that new?

This bout was classic AAA main event style. The rudos went wild with chairs, tables, and a case of beer. The tecnicos got a fiery comeback with the same weapons. Then the match settled down into actual wrestling. The top highlight from the first half was a triple super powerbomb to Hamburguesa onto a bar table.

Hamburguesa had the top moments in the second half with a comedy splash as his teammates kept doing sentons until letting Hamburguesa do his business, a running bowling ball in the corner, and a suicide dive. Unfortunately for the tecnicos, Hamburguesa’s suicide dive hit his own teammates.

That led to 3-on-1 against Psicosis. The rudo sons hit a teamwork pop-up German suplex. The referee stalled terribly on the three count. Pagano ran in with a chair to whack the Parks. The ref snatched the chair, so Park punched Pagano out of the ring. Park turned around to hit a huge spear on Psicosis to win.

That victory from Los Parks cements MLW’s Super Series triumph on the scoreboard, 5-3.

Contra Unit seizes power

The cameras went to the back expecting a promo from Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith was laid out as a bloody heap in the stairwell with the Contra flag draped over his body.


Hacker stuff took over the screen.

Josef Samael revealed that Contra is waging war tonight. They prophesied a reckoning, but MLW ignored it. The final lesson will come to fruition. Contra is striking to paralyze MLW at every level. Their hostile takeover is underway. Contra has seized MLW. Any uprising will be met by their soldiers with a swift and violent response. MLW will be rebuilt and survive under Contra rule. A new season of violence and terror begins.

Wow! The Contra takeover is a heck of a way to close out fresh Fusion programming. MLW has cancelled all TV tapings until July, then they’ll assess what is happening with the coronavirus pandemic before proceeding. This gives MLW a story excuse to be light on new material. Don’t fret about getting your MLW fix. They will return next week with an MLW Anthology series.

Josef Samael’s promo was excellent as always. He delivered a potent message with a fierce tone. The idea of Contra seizing all power is exciting for viewers and terrifying for everyone else. I can only imagine that CEO Court Bauer is literally crapping in his pants right now. This leaves so any questions for when Fusion eventually returns. Will Contra have their own announcers? What kind of matches will Contra schedule? How will Contra handle wrestlers wanting to hit the pay window? I hope Contra will put out press releases, so I have material for the MLW Roundup each Saturday morning.

The lone match of the evening was enjoyable in a chaotic kind of way. The foreign objects were amusing, and the high-flying was cool. I’m a little surprised that LA Park won the bout to give MLW the Super Series win. I thought it would end in a tie, since promotions usually don’t want to give ground on looking weak. It appears that Pagano will be feuding with Park. That has been hot on the Mexican indie scene for a while, so it makes sense to carry over into MLW.

Mance Warner also left us with a cliffhanger of sorts by challenging the Dynasty to a Triple Tower of Doom. I don’t believe MLW has ever attempted anything so ambitious. They’ll need to make sure they rent a venue with a ceiling tall enough to fit all the cages. As the new power in charge, I bet Contra will like the idea of seeing carnage and blood among MLW wrestlers.

Share your thoughts about the show. What was your favorite moment from episode 109 of Fusion? Did you like the Super Series concept? Which promotions should MLW try to compete against next?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm ET, or 10 pm ET on some weeks. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is broadcast in over 20 countries.