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Cody Rhodes was just joking about AEW not signing Heath Slater or Zack Ryder

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We kind of already figured out that AEW Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes was messing with us when he said he wouldn’t sign Matt “Zack Ryder” Cardona.

In the same Instagram Live Q & A, however, Rhodes also said he wouldn’t sign another guy recently released after years in WWE - Heath “Slater” Miller. And that one got back to Heath, who sounded kind of hurt.

Never fear, fans who really want the Long Island Iced Z and the One Man Band on Dynamite. Seems Cody was just joking. At least that’s what he said when a fan tried to call him on it...

Doesn’t mean he will sign either man. I also doubt that Cody didn’t know both things would be “clickbaited”. But, hey, it generated headlines for him and his company.

So as a wise Baltimorean once said, “all in the game, yo”.