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Cody denies that Mr. Brodie is a spoof of Vince McMahon


There has been a lot of fan debate over the last month on whether or not Brodie Lee’s character in AEW is a parody of Vince McMahon.

Lee’s initial promo took an obvious shot at McMahon as an out of touch old man. After that, the Mr. Brodie character was revealed to actually be an overbearing corporate boss rather than a creepy cult leader. Many of his quirks happen to fall in line with similar stories about Vince McMahon, such as being annoyed when his employees sneeze in front of him.

Some fans think it is an obvious spoof of McMahon, while others think that’s not clear at all, because lots of corporate bigwigs have strange quirks. With that context in mind, Cody Rhodes spoke to Busted Open Radio about whether or not Brodie Lee is playing a spoof of WWE’s head honcho:

“I can never tell you the original plan, and I don’t even know if there ever even was an original plan. And I will say it’s very unlikely on AEW you will ever hear the name of Vince McMahon said. And if you do hear me say it in interviews and in general, I always speak very highly of Vince because, well,

A) He’s Vince McMahon and

B) I was a WWE guy to start. I didn’t come from anywhere else. I came up through their feeder system and they were the house that built me.

When it comes to some of the parallels between Brodie’s style of leadership, there are a lot of unique parallels, but I don’t think it’s particularly a spoof on Vince McMahon. We’ll see how it develops in the next few weeks. I think Brodie just has a very power boss, very animal kingdom, kind of social Darwinism type approach to the Dark Order. And I think that that falls in line with perhaps some of Vince’s quirks. But it is not an outright spoof on the legendary Mr. McMahon. Not outright.”

Cody’s answer likely won’t bring closure to the debate, because “not an outright spoof” implies there is still wiggle room for fans to continue interpreting Brodie’s mannerisms as parallels of Vince. Yet Cody’s tease that we’ll see how it develops in the coming weeks could mean that we’ll soon see a clearer separation between Mr. Brodie and Mr. McMahon.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are you buying what Cody is selling?

You can check out Cody’s full interview with Busted Open Radio here.

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