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Matt Hardy challenges Chris Jericho to The Elite Deletion

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Sounds like it won’t take too long for Matt Hardy to get his new company into the cinematic wrestling business.

In a promo shot on his “compound” in North Carolina which aired on the April 8 episode of AEW Dynamite, Broken Matt ran down all of the members of Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. Then he invited “Le Hole of the Ass” himself to come visit him for “The Elite Deletion”.

Jericho was on commentary with Tony Schiavone on tonight’s show, but didn’t address Hardy’s challenge. There was no other mention of when the next confrontation between the two veterans might take place.

We’ll see if/when The Elite Deletion makes it to our screens, but with AEW reportedly using material shot last week in Georgia to try and get them through the next couple months worth of television, a nice 30 minute match/segment from Cameron will probably come in useful.

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