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This is what happens when you pick a fight with Hikaru Shida


Hikaru Shida is arguably the most talented woman on the AEW roster, and she’s been sitting atop their women’s rankings for roughly the last two months. It’s clear that she’s being set up for a championship match with Nyla Rose for sometime down the line.

But on tonight’s (Apr. 8) episode of Dynamite she had to deal with Britt Baker, who has broken through with her heel promos where she talks down to Tony Schiavone as a Starbucks barista, and insults the audience for their poor dental hygiene.

Baker and Shida went at it, with Chris Jericho hyping them up on commentary like only he can. They put on a hell of a fight, that included a busted nose and a Michinoku Driver 2020:

With her nose in rough shape, Baker tried applying Lockjaw, but Shida was able to avoid the worst of it.

The fight continued, with Baker’s nose becoming even more of a mess:

And when your opponent is heavily bleeding from a busted nose, what’s the best way to finish her off? How about a sliding knee to the face?

That’s just vicious.

Shida got the win, her hot streak continues, and we’re still awaiting a championship match with Nyla Rose.

Do you think it’s just a matter of time until Shida is holding up the AEW women’s gold?

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