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MLW Fusion: MJF delivers promo of the year for Loser Leaves Town match

MLW upped the stakes for episode 104 of Fusion. It featured a thrilling opener of Douglas James versus Septimo Dragon, a creative way to write off Killer Kross, and MJF battling Mance Warner in a Loser Leaves Town empty arena match.

If you are not familiar with MLW but came for the MJF promo from the headline, here you go. I view it as a contender for promo of the year in all of wrestling. Language warning.

Sit back and enjoy the full episode.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Septimo Dragon vs Douglas James

Septimo Dragon had a pre-match promo. He wants to fly in MLW. Commentary told a story about how Douglas James was self-medicating as a rookie but is sober now.

This match was fire. James had momentum early with strikes and a low suicide dive. Septimo came back with a moonsault off the apron then a suicide dive. The duel went back and forth with striking exchanges as both men shouted swear words at each other.

Later, things looked bleak for James after a Septimo Driver.

James kicked out. Septimo climbed the corner, but James evaded a flying double stomp. James attacked with a jumping knee, a superkick, then a running DVD in the corner.

That led to James cinching in a guillotine choke to earn the submission victory.


Commentary claimed that the Dynasty is determined to injure Mance Warner before the Loser Leaves Town match with MJF. A nosy cameraman approached Richard Holliday in the parking garage. Holliday received a call from Gino Medina saying something about Logan Creed.

The Pagano hype video returned. This time it revealed his name for the first time.

Warner was interviewed by Alicia Atout.

Atout mentioned that he feeds off the energy of the fans then asked how he will prepare for an empty arena. Warner said it is better that people aren’t there to see the shit he’s going to do to MJF. Atout alerted Mancer that the Dynasty has plans to interfere. Warner has friends too. He will lay the Dynasty out one by one.

Injustice has been fined $10,000 each and suspended for their curb stomp attack to Brian Pillman Jr. last week.

The MLW vs AAA Super Series begins airing next week. LA Park issued a challenge to Psycho Clown. Park has his sons. Psycho can find two partners.

Alexander Hammerstone will defend the National Openweight Championship against Laredo Kid next week.

Atout tried to get a word with MJF. Hammerstone and Holliday opened the door. Holliday didn’t want MJF’s pre-match ritual rubdown from Gino to be interrupted.

Atout was with Savio Vega for his take on the Loser Leaves Town match. He’s siding with Mancer. That’s his boy. MJF is a coward. Mance is going to beat MJF down.

PWI released their top 10 contenders to the MLW World Heavyweight Championship:
10. Low Ki
9. King Mo
8. Mance Warner
7. MJF
6. Richard Holliday
5. Brian Pillman Jr.
4. Tom Lawlor
3. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
2. Myron Reed
1. Alexander Hammerstone
Champ: Jacob Fatu

Hammerstone and Holliday were seen carrying pipes. They ran into Warner. Vega came from behind to take out Holliday, while Warner charged at Hammerstone. The scene cut away. Upon return from commercial, Hammer and Holliday were on the ground in pain. Warner thanked them for the warm-up. Vega remained behind to keep an eye on them.

The Von Erichs issued a message from Hawaii. Team Filthy is growing in numbers. What the good guys lack in numbers, they make up for in tenacity, heart, viciousness, and aggression. It is time for Spring cleaning.

MJF sat in the stairwell for a promo. Warner underestimates him and has no idea who MJF is. Warner thinks MJF is a spoiled, rich, little brat who has had everything handed to him. MJF told a story about adversity. In elementary school, he was beat up by a group of kids. He was going to get payback on the leader, Joey. MJF took his time and went to the gym everyday. As a senior on the last day of high school, MJF walked up to Joey and knocked him out. If you think MJF can’t get nuts, then you don’t know a thing about MJF. He’ll prove he’s not the only person who can be a psychopath in MLW.

Killer Kross medical update after King Mo broke a bat over his back. Kross has a fractured scapula and displacement of the acromioclavicular joint. No contact for 180 days. Kross offered to sign a waiver, but his Stamford, CT based employer will not allow the waiver to be signed.

Loser Leaves Town Empty Arena Match: Mance Warner vs MJF

MJF spit gum at Mance Warner. Warner retaliated with a big chop. The fight got physical early with chairs, rope to choke, and Warner trying to use bolt cutters on MJF’s privates. They fought in the upper levels as MJF tried to throw Mancer off the balcony. Mancer got the upper hand by tossing MJF down the bleachers.

MJF choked Warner with a broom and clocked a cameraman who got too close. The fight continued across the floor. MJF grabbed a cigarette to burn Mancer in the forehead.

MJF grabbed a phone to call a taxi. Warner threw a chair at MJF then canceled the taxi ride. Warner tried to break MJF’s wrist in one of the huge corner structures.

The brawl finally made its way back inside the ring. MJF and Warner exchanged punches on their knees. Warner was in control with jabs and a big elbow. MJF tried to kick Warner in the balls, but Warner caught MJF’s foot and flipped him. MJF landed on his feet and struck with an eye poke.

MJF ran the ropes, but he was met with a big headbutt. Warner followed up with a lariat. Warner went for the pin. 1, 2, 3. Warner wins, and MJF is leaving MLW.

Episode 104 of Fusion was shorter than usual, but it was great fun jammed into 40 minutes. MLW did an excellent job building to the Loser Leaves Town empty arena match between MJF and Mance Warner. Airing career highlights was a nice touch to magnify the importance of the upcoming stipulation. MLW also closed the door on any shenanigans by having Warner handle the Dynasty bros beforehand.

The promos set the mood. Warner did his usual thing of delivering comedic lines while also staying in the zone of seriousness. MJF went to a whole new level with his fantastic promo. His intensity caught me by surprise. I’ve seen him yell in promos, but this one felt like true emotion. That promo is going on my short list for promo of the year in all of wrestling. It will be a great way to remember MJF’s final appearance with MLW.

The fight itself was entertaining. MLW always does a good job of letting the talent go crazy but not crossing over into garbage territory. The action was silly at times yet still intense. The outcome was never in question since MJF is signed to AEW, but Warner and MJF took me on a ride with no time to think about that once the bell rang.

Speaking of writing characters off TV, Killer Kross’ health update gave me a chuckle with the medical terminology. It was smart to put the ball in WWE’s court about a Kross return. It makes it clear that Kross is gone, but he didn’t run away.

The opening match was very enjoyable. Douglas James and Septimo Dragon brought the heat. The constant swearing trash-talk between the two upped the level of intensity. That win is the type of aggressive performance from James that erases all his previous losses. If MLW wants to push him toward a Middleweight title shot, then that was a perfect start up the ladder for James.

What was your favorite moment from episode 104 of Fusion? What is your favorite memory of MJF’s time with MLW?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Africa, and France.

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