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Who is SmackDown’s truth-telling mystery hacker?

For weeks now, SmackDown has intermittently experienced... glitches. The screen would pixelize briefly as static and what sounded like an old dial-up connection could be heard.

That build began to pay off on the April 3 episode. During Dolph Ziggler’s match with Tucker, an extended glitch displayed the words “THE TRUTH WILL BE HEARD” before a hooded figure sitting at a workstation appeared on the big screen at the Performance Center. Concealed in shadow and speaking through a voice modulator, the hacker revealed that Sonya Deville had betrayed her friend Mandy Rose, plotting with Ziggler to put a stop to Rose’s budding romance with Tucker’s Heavy Machinery tag partner Otis.

Ever since the glitches started, the internet’s had two main suspects: Killer Kross, and Mustafa Ali. The former because cryptic video disruptions have been a part of his act everywhere he’s been. The latter because the interruptions gradually revealed a circle of blue lights, which looked like the gear Ali wears during his entrance. And because he hasn’t been doing anything on television lately, but hasn’t been the subject of “burial” talk like fellow cruiserweight-types Cedric Alexander and Ricochet.

Kross is heralding his WWE debut with his usual schtick, but he’s doing it on NXT. The videos, which are at this point leaving no doubt about his identity, aren’t similar to SmackDown’s tech-based ones, either.

That leaves Ali. The evidence feels superficial, but it could work. Playing a good guy is important to Ali, as he doesn’t want to present the WWE Universe with another evil Muslim character. But his actions last night exposed a self-professed heel and, at best, a bad friend. So the hacker could be a babyface act. It could be a way of representing the fans and shining a light on all kinds of shady kayfabe business backstage. Heck, even the surveillance aspect could tie into Ali’s background as a police officer in Illinois, and/or the way he presents as a superhero.

He definitely cares about things.

Maybe it’s because I think he makes the most sense, but I’m actually struggling to come up with other options besides Ali.

Even if it is him, there are still lots of questions. Why? How? Is he working alone?

We’ve got a mystery on our hands, scripted fight fans! Help us solve it in the comments below.

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