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Shawn Spears says that Bret Hart’s sharpshooter is ‘mine now’

Shawn Spears AEW Dynamite

The last few weeks of AEW Dynamite were all taped at once with a limited roster of wrestlers, which means we’ve been either treated to or subjected to a lot of Shawn Spears matches, depending on your perspective.

On last night’s (Apr. 29) episode, Spears made quick work of Baron Black, and he finished him off with Bret Hart’s iconic Sharpshooter. Chris Jericho tried to sell it as a really huge deal on commentary.

It turns out that Spears’ use of Hart’s legendary finishing maneuver might not be just a one time thing. Spears revealed on Twitter that he asked Bret for permission to use the move, and that it’s “mine now.”

From one Canadian icon to the next, I guess, though I doubt that Bret Hart would rate Spears’ execution a perfect 10.

Do you see Spears rising up the card in AEW using Bret’s move? Or will AEW’s new taping schedule, presumably with a larger roster of wrestlers involved, mean Spears will be shuffled back to AEW Dark more often than not?

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