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After a visit from Georgia state officials on Thursday, AEW taped enough to last until at least mid-May

AEW’s YouTube channel

When Jacksonville converted the parking lot next to Daily’s Place, the amphitheater where AEW taped closed set shows on Mar. 18 & 25, into a coronavirus testing center, Tony Khan & company moved from Florida to an undisclosed location.

That undisclosed location turned out to be Norcross, Georgia’s One Fall Power Factory, aka “The Nightmare Factory”, QT Marshall’s wrestling school that Cody Rhodes recently purchased an ownership stake in.

Original reports said AEW would be filming on Tues., Mar. 31 and Weds., April 1. With Florida’s Governor issuing a statewide stay-at-home order on Wednesday, and Georgia’s following suit on Thursday, it seems they opted to continue filming yesterday (Thurs., April 2) in an attempt to get material they could use to cover them through the middle of May. That would get them up to Double Or Nothing, which is still on their schedule (May 23).

Wrestling Inc. reported that, along with this:

“Georgia authorities arrived at the tapings and attempted to have them shut down. AEW apparently had the proper paperwork in place to allow the tapings to go forward safely. Georgia state officials stuck around to ensure that proper codes were followed throughout the taping.”

After publishing that, Khan reached out to the site to clarify.

“Khan explained to us that the official who stopped by was a local Georgia code enforcement official. They were there to ensure that everything was as agreed to in the permits AEW had obtained. Khan stated that it was just a routine check-in like any other week, and everything was fine on both sides.”

I’d question if anything is just “routine” at this point, and especially anything that involves moving production of your television show from one pandemic hot spot to another in an attempt to create as much content as possible before regulations designed to keep people healthy make it impossible for you to do so. But glad we cleared that up.

There’s also the fact that - if they were at One Fall Power Factory - Gwinnett County, which includes Norcross, has had a stay-at-home order in place since last Friday (Mar. 27).

Again, we’re all grateful for the efforts being made to entertain us during this unprecedented time in modern history. But when you’re having to jump through this many hoops, and drawing this much attention for it, and the hoops are there because thousands of people are sick and dying, and almost everyone else has ceased trying to jump through them... it’s time to stop.

We’ll see if AEW does.

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