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The final match of the TNT championship tournament is now set

Chris Jericho talked up Lance Archer as the overwhelming favorite to destroy Dustin Rhodes tonight (Apr. 29) in their TNT championship tournament match. Cody Rhodes already qualified for the finals earlier on Dynamite.

The obvious onslaught was set in motion, with Archer busting Dustin open early in the match.

Rhodes took a hell of a beating, to the point where Jericho wondered if he was a masochist who enjoyed this kind of abuse.

Dustin did fight back enough to hit Archer with Cross Rhodes, but Archer kicked out at one, emphasizing that he wasn’t even close to done. Not only was he not done, but he later walked the ropes and turned it into a moonsault. What in the world?

Archer put Rhodes down with a thud on a chokeslam, and Rhodes tried to turn it around into a sneak pin (like the one his brother used to beat Darby Allin earlier in the show), but Archer was able to power out.

The annihilation continued, to the point where Cody Rhodes considered throwing in the towel to end the match. But Archer dragged Dustin to the center of the ring and pounded his head into the mat over and over again, finally pinning him for the three count.

As Cody tended to his wounded brother in the ring, Archer stood over them with a menacing glare, proud of the brutality he caused.

The final match of the TNT championship tournament is now set. Cody Rhodes will take on Lance Archer at Double or Nothing on May 23.

The Murderhawk Monster looks unstoppable. Will Cody somehow find a way to give Lance Archer his first loss in AEW?

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